Portable Sand Blasting Machine
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Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 40K - 1Lakh

Stainless Steel
2Hp - 7Hp
Machine Type
Portable Sand Blasting Machine
Cleaning rate
3-5 sqr. mtr/ hr
Abrasive Tank Capacity
150kg - 1000Kg
Surface Cleaning and abrasive media recovery system
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   A portable sand blaster can be used to quickly remove any kind of paint, corrosion, or carbon buildup.
  •   prolongs the life of metal products, corroded pipes, aged metal products, and any other metal or ceramic surface that requires cleaning.
  •   Just smooth out a bumpy surface or roughen up a smooth one.
  •   When compared to hiring a full-time employee to clean a surface, the cost is 95% cheaper.
  •   Metal objects with difficult-to-reach corners can simply have their challenging corners cleaned.
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Portable Sand Blaster

Portable Sand Blasting Machine, as mentioned in the name, means that you can move this machine from one place to another easily. Portable Sand Blasting Machine, that is used for blasting cleaning. thus, we can say that portable sand blaster machines are used to remove paint, corrosion, rust, and other surface pollutants from cars, houses, machinery, and almost any other surface. And, Portable Sand Blasting equipment is safe and high productivity systems designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. So, sand blasting operation is performed on metals, glass, stones, etc. 

Portable Sand Blasting Equipment

A high-volume air supply (usually in the 90 to 100 psi range); a container or pressure vessel to contain the abrasive; a metering device to control the air-to-abrasive ratio and flow; a flexible hose to deliver the abrasive; and a hand-held Sand Blasting Nozzle to aim the abrasive onto the workpiece are all required by portable Sand blasting equipment. Many portable Sand Blasting units also come with huge hopper-fed storage tanks, allowing for multiple blasting operations from a single supply source.

Portable Sand blasting Machine price also depends on the operating method of the sand blasting machine. Medium capacity sandblasting machines or automatic sand blasting machines have medium-sized blasting pots. portable sand blasting machine price in India depends on the type & cleaning rate of portable sand blasting equipment. we design portable sand blaster equipment for sale according to customer's requirements.

Specification of Portable Sand Blasting Machine


SB P7 150

SB P7 300

SB P7 500

SB P7 1000

Abrasive Tank Capacity

Metal:150 kg

Sand: 50 kg Volume: 42ltr

Metallic:  300kg  Sand: 130kg        Volume: 85ltr.

Metallic: 500kg        Sand : 230kg            Volume: 142 Ltrs

Metal: 1000kg

Sand: 460 kgVolume: 284ltrs

Blasting Pipe length

5 Meters

5 Meters

7.5 Meters

10 Meters

Blasting Nozzle Size




5MM to 10 MM

Pressure Gauge

1 No

1 No

1 No

1 No.

Exhaust Valve

1 No

1 No

1 No

1 No.

Cleaning Rate (mtr2/hr)

3-4 sq. mtrs/hr.

5-9 sq. mtrs/hr.

9-12 sq. mtrs/hr

4 to 23 Seq.mtr/hr.

Compressed air (80 psi)


85 cfm


45 Cfm to 217 Cfm

Abrasive media size Recommended

25 to 80 Mesh

25 to 80 Mesh

16 to 80 mesh

16 to 80 mesh

Types of Sand Blasting Machine

  • Mini Portable Sand Blaster Hopper, SB P7 150 

  • Small Portable Sand Blaster Machine, SB P7 300 

  • Medium Portable Sand Blasting Machine, SB P7 500 

  • Large Portable Sand Blasting Hopper, SB P7 1000

Portable Mini Sand Blaster Hopper 

The P7 150 Portable Mini Sand Blaster Hopper is a typical size sand blasting equipment with a 150kg tank capacity. Sand, soda, walnut shell, Aluminum Oxide, Glass beads, copper slag, and other abrasives can be blasted using this sort of sand blasting machine, which requires a 10 HP air compressor.

Small Portable Sand Blaster Machine 

SB P7 300 Small Portable Sand Blaster Machine is the most common sand blasting machine, with a tank capacity of 300kg. For blasting abrasives of any kind, a 15HP air compressor is required. Sand, soda, walnut shell, aluminum oxide, glass beads, copper slag, and other materials can be used for sand blasting, depending on your needs.

Medium Portable Sand Blasting Machine

The tank capacity of the SB P7 500 sand blasting machine is half a tonne (500KG). It requires a 30 horsepower air compressor to operate. Construction sites, car companies, ancillaries, and other places use a 500KG sand blasting equipment. It can continuously sandblast and shotblast at high rates for a variety of applications. If you need to clean large components and goods more quickly, a 500kg sand blasting and shot blasting machine is perfect for you.

Large Portable Sand Blasting Hopper

For blasting operations, the SB P7 1000 portable Sand Blasting Hopper has a tank capacity of 1 tonne or 1000 kg abrasive material storage. It can be used for shot blasting with steel shots and grits, as well as sand blasting with sand, glass beads, soda, aluminium oxide, copper slag, and other abrasive materials. It requires a 50 horsepower air compressor to operate and delivers continuous cleaning and blasting. In most Blast Chambers, a 1000kg sand blasting equipment is used to blast massive components.

Portable Sand Blasting Machine Features 

  • Automatic fill seal

  • Large inspection door to prepare easy interior tank access

  • A Heavy-duty casting iron exhaust valve

  • Pressure-Release separated control system available

  • Mounted wheels can go to any location or job site

  • The heavy-duty cast iron abrasive regulator

  • Flexible pusher line without pressure loss from elbows

  • ASME-coded pressure vessel that carries up to 160 psi

  • It provides up to 50% more airflow compared to 1-inch piping

Uses and Advantages of Sand Blasting Machine:

  • Portable Sand Blaster can be used to exclude old paint, smooth a rough surface, or give shape to an object. Old and faded facades are also cleaned by sand blasting machine in India.

  • Use of sand blasting It helps to preserve the use and longevity of your metal pipes and furniture made by metals and fittings.

  • It helps to rejuvenate the material and make it look new again.

  • It allows you to access corners and areas that are difficult to reach.

  • It helps to fix the surface for subsequent stoning and polishing.

  • It saves time and is more efficient than sandpaper.

  • This process does not make use of complex machinery.

  • The powerful action of an industrial sand blaster removes sediments even from tough surfaces like concrete.

Application of Portable Sand Blasting machines

  • Rail coaches, Axles, etc.

  • Handicrafts, Wooden

  • Steel pipes, Tanks, Heat Exchangers

  • Stones, Marble, Granite

  • Transformers

  • Military

  • Ships

  • Bridges, Dam Gate

  • Turbines and blades

  • Vehicle bodies, cars, buses, truck bodies & chassis

  • Windmill

  • Casting and forging

Portable Sand blasting Machine price

Portable sand blasting machine price in India Depends on the type & size of portable sand blasting machine. Ambica Enterprises is the Best Manufacturer of mobile, macro, small, portable sand blaster equipment for sale in India. If you are in the need of a portable sand blasting machine, you have come to the right place. Ambica Enterprises is proud to offer the best machines in the business, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Our machines are perfect for a variety of applications, and they are built to last. We offer a variety of models to choose from, so you can find the perfect machine for your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and we are always here to help if you have any queries. you can contact us and get portable sand blasting machine price

Portable Sand Blaster for Sale

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