Powder Flame Spray Gun
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Powder Flame Spray Gun

Price Range : ₹ 45K - 5Lakh

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Ambica Enterprises
Powder Flame Spray Gun
310 MM
2 KG
Manual, Automatic
Acetylene Consumption
13.5 to 31.5 NLPM
Hydrogen Consumption
90 to 144 NLPM
Oxygen Consumption
20 to 45 NLPM
Compressed Air Consumption
0.85 m3/min at 4.5 bar
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Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   A powder flame spray gun is used to apply coatings that are uniformly smooth.
  •   A powder flame spray gun is utilised with coating materials with a variety of applications, including ceramic materials.
  •   Powder Flame Spraying Gun is a common method for applying corrosion coatings.
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Powder Flame Spray Gun for combustion powder spray that can be applied coatings for a variety of purposes, including surface restorations, dimensional restoration, corrosion protection, and wear resistance, requires employment. A powder spray system using the spray gun is a great option for shops with sporadic surfacing activity or when a cost-effective investment is needed due to its built-in powder feed canister. Since it can apply a broad variety of coating materials, including self-fluxing alloys, ceramics, self-bonding materials, and traditional materials such as steel shots, stainless steel shots, glass bead, abrasive garnet sand, plastic media, silicon carbide powder, aluminum-based and wires like nickel-alloy wire, aluminum wire, metalizing wire, bronze wire, copper wire it is appropriate for all-purpose use.

It is lightweight, designed for hand use, and uses a gun handle grip for operator safety and comfort. Additionally, a tool post fixture is provided to rest the gun while changing workpieces or operating it while mounted to a machine.

Spare Parts of Powder Flame Spray Gun

Air Jet Assembly

The Air Jet Assembly is an option if more workpiece cooling is needed or if harder, denser coatings are desired. It injects high velocity air into the spray stream and is made to attach to the front of the spray gun. Any area of the spray stream or the workpiece may be the focus of an adjustable cooling tube.


The Vibrator is available in single phase 220V AC/110 VAC for specific fine materials or powders such as tungsten carbide powder, ceramic powder, cermet powder,  that are not easily flowing.

Extension Nozzle

There are three standard lengths of extension nozzles for the cannon that allow coating of interior bore diameters and surfaces:

1 foot = 305mm

610 mm or two feet

3 feet and 910mm

Special Features of Powder Flame Spay Gun

  • A robust design is one that requires little maintenance over a lengthy period of time.
  • Simple operation: little operator training is necessary.
  • A wide variety of coating materials are available, including ceramic powder, which can be used for a number of surfacing applications.
  • Spray operations have the option of using hydrogen or acetylene as their fuel gas.
  • High deposit efficiency and spray rates enable speedy and efficient coating application.
  • Lightweight and balanced, with a comfortable "pistol grip" handle design, unloaded canister, and no hoses. Designed for handheld operation.
  • Removes the need to buy a separate powder feeder with an integrated powder feed canister.
  • Smooth powder feed: guarantees reliable, high-quality coatings
  • Mounted on the gun for easy powder feed rate adjustment is a powder flow control knob.
  • Powder feeder trigger: enables quick beginning and ending of powder feed.
  • Bayonet mounting of a powder canister secures it in place firmly to prevent leaks.
  • For use as a gun rest during workpiece switching or as a mounting stud for machines.
  • Between the nozzle and syphon cap, O-ring seals are used to provide safe and reliable operation without the chance of a backfire and to make cannon maintenance easier.
  • Selecting the right air caps will improve cooling during spray operations for various coatings.
  • Onboard gas valve: for quick starts and stops of oxygen and fuel gas flow.

Applications of Powder Flame Spray Gun

Powder Flame spray is a tool frequently employed in the application of technical coatings or corrosion protection.

Flame spraying is employed on a wide range of substrates.

Powder Flame Spraying is used to apply metallic and ceramic coatings so that they are suited for the environment they are being utilised in when equipment or a construction needs to have a high resilience.

Where reduced coating costs are sought and less stringent coating quality criteria exist, Powder Flame Spraying Gun is frequently used.

Powder Flame Spray Gun Manufacturers in India

We are Powder Flame Spray Gun Manufacturers in India at an affordable price in India according to customers demands and supply all accessories of powder flame spray gun such as air jet assembly, vibrator, etc in premium and best quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The flame is fed by wire or powder, which melts the metal or ceramic. The molten metal or softened ceramic is subsequently atomized by compressed air and projected onto the object being sprayed. The surface is typically made rougher by grit blasting because the coating mechanically adheres to the surface being sprayed.
What Is a Flame Spray Gun ?
Oxygen and fuel gases are used in a Flame Spray cannon to create a flame into which powder is shot. The coating is created by projecting the molten powder particles onto the work object. Many of the coatings sprayed using this method are subsequently heated at a temperature of about 1000°C in order to "fuse" them to the substrate surface.
What are Coating Headted Before Spraying?
High heat is used in spray and fuse to strengthen the bond between the substrate of the part and the thermal spray coating. Spray and fuse, in contrast to other forms of thermal spray, forges a metallurgical link between the coating and the surface.
What is Meant By Flame Spraying Metalic Coating ?
Flame spraying is a heating method of coating. The thermal spray material, which is often in the form of powder, wire, or ceramic rod, is melted using heat produced by a flame.