Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

Cartridge Filter Dust Collector is the next generation of bag filter dust collectors that use Pleated cartridge filters instead of filter bags to effectively capture finer dust.

Wood Working Dust Collector

The main purpose of a wood working dust collector is to collect dust created during the processing of wood.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone separators are another name for cyclone dust collectors. They are mainly employed to remove particles with higher densities. The bottom-positioned collection bin is where the dust is collected and directed using the cyclone dust collection system utilization of centrifugal force. In accordance with the flow requirements, the dust density, the projected dust volume, the type of dust, etc., we can also produce specialized cyclone dust collector systems.

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

Similar to single cyclone dust collectors, multi cyclone dust collectors and multi Cyclone separators extract heavier dust from dust-laden gas using inertia and centrifugal force to create twin vortices. The number of centrifugal forces generated and a longer residence period to give more dust a chance to settle down are two factors that greatly influence how well a cyclone separator performs in collecting finer dust. These two elements improve particle separation.

Filter Bags Dust Collector

Dust collector filter bags must be of the automatic self-cleaning variety (reverse air or pulse jet), depending on what is ideal for the application. The filter bags Dust Collector should be cleaned with compressed air using the preferable pulse-jet type. The Vendor is expected to provide all pressure regulators and filters needed for the operation of the bag houses, as well as to specify the required air pressure (normal plant air is typically available at a nominal 6-8 bar).

Manual Bag Dust Collector

Manual Bag dust collector with shaker cleaning is made for filtering solid particles and a variety of air volume applications. Install without taking up important floor space, whether inside or outside the building. For optimal energy savings, clean air may be recycled back into the building thanks to the 99% efficiency filter.

Reverse Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

Reverse Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter Dust Collector cleaning systems are an important component of pneumatic conveying systems because, in a typical pneumatic conveying system, the conveying air is separated in the filter separator and the filters are cleaned by a reverse jet of compressed air.

Industrial Dust Collector

To improve the quality of the air released from industrial and commercial processes, the Industrial Dust Collector system that collects dust and other impurities from the air and environment.

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