Airless Shot Blasting Machine
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Airless Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 80Lakh

Size of blast wheel
19 ½” X 2 ½”
No of blast wheel
2 -1
Power of blast wheel
Shot flow rate/Minute/wheel
Bucket elevator (size)
600mm X 200mm
Control panel
Centralised desk type panel
centrifugal wheel blasting
Shot velocity (meter/second)
65 - 75
Type of dust collector
Fabric bag dust collector /Reverse pulse jet pleated filter type dust collector.
cleaning of dust bags
motorized shaking\ pulse jet air
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Descaling of heat-treated and forged parts uses it.
  •   It can be used to desand components, whether they are made of iron or another metal.
  •   Deburring can be done with it on both metallic and non-metallic parts.
  •   It can be used to flash die-cast components.
  •   It may also be employed to eliminate contaminants.
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Airless Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India. The blast Wheel is the main part of the Airless Shot Blasting System. These centrifugal wheels have an inner impeller, control cage, and blade design that slings the shot. The blast wheel propels the shot or grit to a high velocity for the blasting. The wheel is protected by the wheel casing, with wear-resistant liners. The whole operation is working vibration-free and produces low noise levels.

Airless Shot Blaster

The impeller acts like a centrifugal pump and mechanically accelerates the shot and throws the shot at the speed of 55 to 100m/s. It is a question of controlling the point in time and the allocation of blasting shot to the throwing blades so that a definite blasting pattern, as uniform as possible, results in the desired position on the object being blasted. The energy of the blasting shot is controlled by way of the rotary speed of the throwing blades.

The media thrown by the blast wheels falls via the holes of the perforated plate floor into the media collection hopper. The Sand Blasting Cabinet is concocted from MS plates and additional Manganese (MN) tiles are provided for less wear and tear.

Types of Airless Shot Blasting Machine

Airless shot blasting machines Manufacturer in India

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