Gypsum Powder
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Gypsum Powder

Price Range : ₹ 3 - 7 /kg

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Ambica Enterprises
Gypsum Powder
White, Grey
Particle Sizes
Up to 13mm
Specific Gravity
2.32 – 2.33
1.5 – 2 HRC
2.96 g/cm3
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  •   Gypsum powder is used as fertilizer.
  •   Gypsum improves the circulation of water and air, reduces soil, enhances soil composition, and promotes root growth.
  •   Drywall is also made using gypsum powder.
  •   Gypsum powder fulfils as a soil conditioner and fertiliser in agriculture in addition to being utilised in building materials like drywall.
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Gypsum powder is a naturally occurring product. It begins as a white mineral rock, ground into powder form by processing. Calcium, sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen can all be found in naturally occurring gypsum. In addition to its primary application in construction materials like fly ash powder, dry wall, gypsum powder, fly ash powder, dolomite powder, bentonite powder is also used in agriculture to improve soil quality and as a fertilizer.

Gypsum powder, also known as hydrous calcium sulfate, is a white gypsum powder produced by heating gypsum stone. It has a smooth texture. The gypsum extracted from the ground is dried at a high temperature, crushed, and processed. The powder has various applications in various industries, including agriculture, construction, and industry.

Gypsum Powder uses

Fertilizer - A garden treated with fertilizer composed of boral gypsum powder is significantly more likely to have its rigid layers of clay and complex subsoil broken up. It works its way into the clay matrix and loosens its overall structure. It improves the composition of the soil, makes it easier for roots to grow and for air and water to move through the soil, and stops soil erosion and water runoff. It does things like turn salty soil into neutral soil, prevent dust erosion, and lessen the bulk compactness of difficult soil. It does this by increasing the soil's drainage capacity, which protects it from becoming waterlogged and renders magnesium harmless.

Because of the high calcium content of gypsum, excess micronutrients in the soil, such as zinc, iron, manganese, and copper, are neutralized. Calcined Gypsum powder makes these products more efficient when combined with other soil amendments, such as organic fertilizers and conditioners. In addition to supplying sulfur, it improves the quality of fruits and protects plants from disease. The fact that gypsum does not affect the pH of the soil is a significant advantage it possesses.

Finished Walls - Gypsum powder is used in the production of drywall. Plaster of Paris, also known as calcium sulphate hemihydrate, is the substance that will form due to this powder evaporating a significant portion of the water and carbon dioxide it contains. Plaster of Paris, when mixed with water, reverts to its original form, calcium sulphate di-hydrate.

When making drywall, this slurry is poured in between two thick sheets of heavy paper, which are then flattened and set apart from one another. Following this step, the drywall boards can continue to dry before being cut, finished, and packaged for sale. Gypsum drywall is not only resistant to heat and fire, but it also insulates well against sound. It can withstand wear and tear and is simple to fix. Drywall can readily receive a variety of finishes, including wallpaper, paint, and texture, without any difficulty. Ceilings and interior wall finishes are both typical applications for drywall.

Gypsum In Construction - Gypsum is in high demand as a construction material because of its ability to create an ambiance that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the occupants. For instance, there is no discernible odor to it. As a consequence of this, many aspects of the construction of the interior and exterior are dominated by gypsum products.

Gypsum Powder Manufacturers In India 

We are the most reputable gypsum powder manufacturers in India. Gypsum Powder is one of the products we sell, and the varieties available from us include Natural Gypsum Powder, White Gypsum Powder, Fine Gypsum Powder, and Sodium Gypsum Powder. Gypsum powder that is sufficiently white and has a high purity level is a highly viable option fin fertilizers and cement Industry as a whole. 

Gypsum Powder Price 

We provide gypsum powder at a minimum cost. Our company offers gypsum powder of the finest quality, and we can supply it in various mesh sizes to accommodate the preferences of our clients. Using the gypsum rocks, we manufacture powder of an excellent grade that conforms to international standards.

In addition to being a gypsum powder suppliers in India, we also produce other types of abrasives and minerals, such as plastic media, steel shotsglass beads, quartz sand, thermal spray powder, dolomite powder, tungsten carbide powder, walnut shell, garnet sand, and aluminum oxide, etc.