Suction Blasting Y Gun
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Suction Blasting Y Gun

Price Range : ₹ 5K - 10K

Brand Name
Ambica Enterprises
Suction Blasting Y Gun
Cast Iron
Air Pressure
30-50 psi
Nozzle Size
up to 5 mm
Nozzle Material
Brass, Tungsten Carbide, Boral Carbide
Suction Blasting, Abrasive Blasting
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Air Transport
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Land Transport
  •   It is employed for peening, abrasive blasting, deburring, and surface preparation.
  •   The suction blasting cabinet uses a gun to launch abrasive media.
  •   The abrasive media is sucked from the sand blasting hopper by the Y Gun and thrown at the task using suction.
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A Suction Blasting Y Gun uses a high-speed air and abrasive combination to quickly remove burrs, tool marks, carbon buildup, mill scale, coatings, and residue from heat treatments. To boost the bonding strength of coatings, the blast stream from the gun might create an etched finish or a uniform texture.

A high-performance blasting gun gives the user a comfortable grip and enables for precise blast pattern control. To enhance blast effectiveness and reduce gun-body wear, this pistol maintains a precise alignment between the air jet and blast nozzle. The operator can swap out nozzles without using any tools thanks to a knurled nut at the gun output. The operator can choose the optimal nozzle size and composition for the application because the gun takes a variety of nozzles and extensions. A firearm works with the majority of recyclable blast media, including copper slag, glass bead, and aluminum oxide

A trigger-type gun is typically used for blasting in an open area, whereas a gun without a trigger is typically put in a blasting cabinet where the project is tiny and the operator can move the job inside the sand blasting cabinet with both hands.

Advantages of Suction Blasting Y Gun

  • During lengthy blasting, a comfortable design lessens operator fatigue and boosts efficiency.
  • Expensive guns' typical slugging and uneven media flow are eliminated by the precisely formed mixing chamber.
  • With most blasting media, a regular tungsten carbide nozzle will operate.
  • When using abrasives like silicon carbide and aluminum oxide, optional boron carbide nozzles outlast tungsten carbide nozzles.

Working of Suction Blasting Gun

The media is pulled into the sandblasting cannon and fired out the blast nozzle by a high-pressure stream of air being passed via a hole (which is the media inlet). This creates a significant quantity of vacuum. The media can be made up of a variety of abrasives, also known as media, including glass beads, sand, aluminum oxide, black beauty, steel grit, steel shot, walnut shell, and a variety of other materials. The size of your air compressor's abrasive blast cannons is typically determined by the CFM it can produce at higher pressures. Sizes of the air jets and nozzles are chosen according to the setup.

In order for the nozzle to maintain a high rate of vacuum to suck up the media, it should be twice the size of the air jet. These sandblaster guns are occasionally used for modest jobs like automotive touch-ups or minor repairs on other items outside of a sandblast cabinet. Sand blaster pistols come in a variety of forms. Foot pedals are used to activate and deactivate the more powerful weapons. The low cost of trigger guns makes them popular, but their performance is typically lacking, and pulling the trigger for an extended period of time can be highly taxing. Sand blaster weapons come in a variety of styles here. Some media types suit some people more than others.

Suction Blasting Y Gun Price

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Abrasive material is directed at a surface using a sandblaster gun, a strong instrument. A blast cabinet gun and a sandblasting gun are additional names for a sandblaster gun. They are all the same. There are numerous shapes and configurations for the actual gun.
How Does a Sand Blasting Gun Work ?
An air-powered gun that uses media blasting will shoot silica sand at a surface very quickly. The gun is powered by compressed air, and as the sand is forced out of a barrel, it will be directed at your target.
Is Wet Blasting Better Than Dry Blasting ?
Because the water cools the surface, wet blasting cabinets generate substantially less frictional heat than dry blasting. A wet blast cabinet can be the ideal option for delicate blasting tasks. If you wish to prevent any media particulates from becoming embedded in the blasted surface, wet blasting is likewise the best option.
What is Thermal Spray Gun ?
A thermal spraying gun, or flame spray cannon, is a combination of coating methods in which a coating is created by depositing finely divided metallic or nonmetallic elements onto a surface while they are still molten.