Abrasive Blasting Machine
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Abrasive Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 80Lakh

Mild Steel
Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
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External And Internal Abrasive Blasting Machine
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Air Transport
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  •   Shaping Small Parts
  •   giving a surface a particular texture.
  •   Paint and Rust Removal
  •   removing flaws, like as corrosion or staining.
  •   washing an object's surface layer completely.
  •   preparing a surface before painting or powder coating.
  •   removing any potential pollutants.
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Universal Abrasive blasting Machine is used for a wide range of purposes by foundries, shipyards, steel manufacture plants, unique reason work, machine shops, gas transmission stations, steel factories, primary steel supply yards, building cleaners, wineries, distilleries, canneries, elastic producers, painting temporary workers, plastic makers, welders, wood shops, and furniture producers, plating, what's more, anodizing shops, airplane producers, electronic makers, petrochemical organizations, remembrance landmark markers, and numerous others.

Abrasive blasting can be characterized as a cycle of cleaning completing materials by the intense heading of an abrasive media such as steel grit applied either dry or suspended in a fluid medium, against the outside of the workpiece.

Abrasive Blasting Process

  • Clean a surface by reducing undesirable rust, scale, paint, and so on, in anticipation of painting, anodizing, welding, or different cycles that require a perfect surface.
  • Deburr, eliminate tooling marks, or in any case, finish an unrefined item.
  • Change metallurgical properties or stress calm a section by the peening activity of numerous impactions.
  • Produce the ideal matte or beautifying finish.
  • Eliminate "blazing (excess material) from shaped plastic or rubber.

Abrasive Blasting Machine Applications

Methods of applying abrasive materials can be divided into two distinct types of procedures: dry and wet.

  • Dry-blasting: Mechanical blasting and air pressure blasting are the two technologies utilized for dry-blasting cleaning.
  • Mechanical Blasting- The most common type of hardware used in mechanical blasting is cabinet-type hardware. It is available in either group, self-loader, or programmed varieties. Typically, the cabinet has at least one blast wheel, which uses diffusive power to drive the abrasive toward the workpiece.
  • Air pressure blasting- Air pressure blasting uses compressed air to apply abrasion to a surface.
  • Wet Blasting: Wet blasting Cabinet includes: a high-speed, compacted, air drive of a slurry coordinated onto a workpiece. The slurry ordinarily comprises fine abrasive suspended in artificially treated water. It typically is kept in constant agitation to prevent the settling of the abrasive.

Abrasive Blasting Equipment

  • Portable Blast Cleaning Machines- Portable blast cleaning machines for the most part require a high-volume air supply ( normally in the 90 to 100 psi. range); a holder or compel vessel to contain the abrasive; a metering gadget to control air-to-abrasive proportion and stream; an adaptable hose to convey the abrasive, and a hand-held spout to point the abrasive onto the workpiece. Numerous portable units additionally have huge containers took care of capacity tanks that empower various blasting activities from a solitary cause of supply.
  • Hand-Operated Units in Blast Cleaning Rooms- Although hand-worked units in sand blasting room ordinarily utilize a huge container for the capacity of abrasive, the units themselves are basically like portable units. The rule benefits managed by blast cleaning rooms are the capacity to give and utilize a residue control ventilation framework,  cost investment funds from reusing the abrasive, and regulation of residue and trash so they don't spread over huge zones and uncover different laborers and hardware to injury and harm.
  • Automatic Blast Cleaning Machines- These units are bigger in measurement and are more vigorously built than cabinet machines. Most work on the outward wheel rule and utilize clocks and programmed shut-off controls to give the ideal measure of abrasive openness. A workpiece can be set on either a pivoting table or an unending rotating belt that tumbles the task to open all surfaces to the abrasive.
  • Wet-Blast Cleaning Machines- This technique can be applied to portable shot blasting machine furnishing that abrasive is altogether blended in with water framing a slurry. Something else, uncompromising blowers and hose lines are needed to impel the slurry. Typically, specific reason machines utilize the wet-blast technique persistently reusing the slurry.

Abrasive Blasting Machine in India

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