Bronze Wire
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Bronze Wire

Price Range : ₹ 4.2K - 5K

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Ambica Enterprises
Bronze Wire
Coiled Wire set
Wire Diameter
From 8mm up to 20mm
Thermal spray Coating, Metalizing
28 %IACS
8.73 g/cm³
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Air Transport
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  •   It adds excellent sliding and dry running features to the surface of the material.
  •   Used for thermal spraying premium metal and bronze itself.
  •   Its field of application includes doing its work of coating on bearing bronze, piston set, tool machine shafts, sliding surfaces on tool machines.
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Bronze Wire is composed of copper and tin which makes it strong, corrosion and fatigue resistant, and it can withstand harsh conditions. These characteristics help Bronze wire to prove its role in the Metalizing Wire industry. Bronze Wire is a type of metalizing wire used for coating metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion, heat and fatigue. Bronze coating particles form a tiny porous coating on the work item that has been pre-treated with a Sand Blasting Machine. The bronze-coated surface is highly absorbent and can be sealed further with synthetic resin.

Bronze coating is a type of flame spraying that can be applied to any element that is suitable for bronze coating. Apart from that, chromed or nitrated parts are not advised. During bronze coating, a 1/8-inch bronze wire is melted by a flame in a wire flame spray gun or arc spray gun and coarsely crushed on the work item with compressed air.

Bronze coating is used for its sliding and dry running properties, such as bearing bronze, piston sets, tool machine shafts, and tool machine sliding surfaces (bronze guides). The bronze coating's microporosity ensures proper oil and grease dispersion. Hardening by wire flame spraying Bronze coating is suitable for temperatures up to 250°C.

Bronze Wire Uses

Bronze Wire Uses include improving surface quality and adding an extra layer of corrosion resistance to the surface after shot blasting. Mechanical re-engineering of rotating and moving parts from a variety of equipment, such as trucks and trains, ships and planes, pumps and valves, and printing press equipment, as well as chemical and food processing equipment, mining and quarrying equipment, earthmoving equipment, machine tools and equipment subject to power generation and aerospace turbine repair, landing gear (chrome replacement), and virtually any other equipment. Metals such as stainless steel shot and nickel alloys can be coated using Bronze Wire and Copper Wire with the help of either arc spray gun or flame spray gun technology in arc or HVOF gun systems.

Bronze Wire Price in India

Although Bronze Wire Price in India got a bit of hype around it, where it is considered to be amongst the most premium thermal spray metalizing wires which also includes other high-end wires such as copper wire, aluminum wire and molybdenum wire which are used in coating premium metal surfaces after surface being prepared using any of our sandblasting or Shot Blasting Machine.

Bronze wire is always going to be on the higher side of the spectrum, but it also depends on the quality of the wire ordered. We provide the best product at an very affordable price when it comes to all kinds of metalizing wires.

Bronze Wire Suppliers

We are India's largest Bronze Wire Suppliers, and we are dedicated to supplying the greatest quality at the most affordable pricing. We also manufacture and export thermal spray gun, flame spray guns, arc spray guns, zinc wire, and aluminum wire. Our organization can supply a wide range of thermal spray bronze goods, such as wires, while also meeting our customers' high standards.

As Bronze Wire Manufacturers, we also play an important role in the industry as the leading brand which is supplying and manufacturing all goods relentlessly, these goods includes all kinds of metalizing guns such as wire flame spray gun, arc spray gun, powder flame spray gun and also fuel items for these guns such as powders like tungsten carbide powder, ceramic powder, and also all kind of thermal spray metalizing wire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Bronze is an excellent conductor of current and heat, making it perfect for coating electronic components and metal surfaces. It has grown in popularity since the introduction of electric vehicles. For many years, bronze wire and other bronze parts have been utilized in boats, jet skis, and other similar applications.
What is bronze coating?
Bronze plating is a type of coating. The procedure employs electricity to deposit a thin coating of plating material on the item. While not all metals can be utilized as coating materials, bronze, as well as zinc, aluminum and copper, are examples.
What kind of equipment is coated using Bronze Wire?
Bronze wire is used for components like motor bearing, air brake valves, pump impellers, hydraulic press sleeves, etc. which requires dense coatings for element restoration.
What kind of benefits Bronze Wire provides to the surface?
It provides protection to the metal surfaces in impartial climate conditions or impartial air conditions and also from seawater conditions.