High Carbon Steel Shots
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High Carbon Steel Shots

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 / KG

Ambica Enterprises
Grain Shape
≥ 7.5 g/cm³
0.04 - 2.80 mm
43 - 52 HRC
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  •   High Carbon Steel Shots is helpful for treating the surfaces of metallic products.
  •   High Carbon Steel Shots produce a smooth or shiny surface profile, making them perfect for cleaning, etching, and desanding processes.
  •   The foundry industry benefits from using high carbon steel shots because they clean more quickly with little increase in maintenance costs or wear on machine parts.
  •   Most wheel blasting applications employ high carbon steel shots, which result in a peened, dimpled surface.
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High Carbon Steel Shots are ideal for cleaning, etching, and desanding process because they produce a smooth or shiny surface profile. Both airless and air-operated shot blasting machine use our high-carbon steel shots because of their long service life.

High Carbon Steel Shots are known as "spherical shots" because they have the lowest hardness in the 42 to 52 HRC range and will eventually round out. It works well in the foundry industry because it cleans more quickly with little increase in maintenance costs or wears on machine parts. It is primarily used in wheel blast machines.

The majority of wheel blast applications use high carbon steel shots, which produce a dimpled, peened surface using a portable shot blasting machine and shot blasting cabinet. Only the shot's skin is damaged by the impact, and very thin flakes will gradually separate from the steel shot, which remains round throughout its life cycle. Our high carbon steel shots are extremely durable and have a high resistance to impact fatigue, resulting in an efficient and quick cleaning rate.

Our high carbon steel shots are used in a variety of applications, including desanding, descaling, cleaning, shot peening with a blasting machine in a shot blast room, and so on. Our plants' centrifugal atomization process and double heat treatment, as well as ongoing quality control measures, ensure that the shot is of the highest quality.

High Carbon Steel Shots Manufacturing Process

High Carbon Steel Shots are atomized to create shots and steel grit, which is then subjected to a number of mechanical and thermal processes to give it the desired properties. Specially constructed production facilities are available at Ambica Enterprises for the manufacture of high carbon steel shots and other abrasives like glass bead, aluminum oxide, copper slag, and plastic media. The plant manufactures the premium product using cutting-edge technology to create a uniform, spherical grain.

  • Instead of using high water jet streams, a centrifugal system is used to atomize liquid steel into more spherical and uniform particles.

  • The abrasive becomes less brittle after undergoing a second heat quenching, which gives it a more uniform chemical and internal structure.

  • Fewer microcracks form when air quenching is used in place of water quenching, improving the abrasive's durability.

Here are the steps of the High Carbon Steel Shots Manufacturing Process:

  • Selection of the scrap with care.

  • Melting the scrap in the electric induction furnace while incorporating the required alloys.

  • Centrifugal atomization is used to create uniformly shaped grains.

  • Using a screen to obtain the proper grain sizes.

  • Spiraling to remove the shot with an odd shape.

  • Quenching to achieve greater particle integrity and fewer stress cracks.

  • Tempering followed by a second inspection.

  •  Packaging.

Our internal quality control department continuously checks the consistency and quality of our abrasives before, during, and after the process. The main performance characteristics of the abrasive are constantly being improved, and the production process is being optimized, in our research and development lab. Thus we provide the most affordable steel shots price in India.

Steel Shots Suppliers in India

We are the leading Steel Shots Suppliers in India and manufacture a wide range of steel shots such as steel grit, stainless steel shots, high carbon steel shots, low carbon steel shots, cast steel shot, mild steel shots, stainless steel grit, cast steel grit at an affordable price in India. As a steel shots manufacturer, we provide the superior-quality of abrasive media like quartz sand, abrasive garnet sand, chilled iron grit, cut wire shot, aluminum oxide, copper slag, high carbon steel shots, and silicon carbide. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

High Carbon Steel Shot or Steel Grit is typically available in a variety of hardness levels ranging from 40 to 65 on the Rockwell scale and 400 to 850 on the Vickers hardness scale.
What is blasting with steel shot?
Shot peening is the main application for this high-carbon steel shot, which is used in a wide variety of processes. Shot peening involves repeatedly striking a product's surface with a steel shot to harden its surface.
What exactly is the difference between steel shot and steel grit?
The two most popular types of metallic abrasives are steel shot and steel grit. The steel shot has a spherical shape and will leave the substrate surface with a smooth texture. Steel grit will etch and erode the substrate surface because of its randomly angular nature.
What purposes do high carbon steel shots serve as abrasives?
Abrasives are frequently used for sandblasting, shot blasting, and grit blasting, as well as for grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, lapping, and sanding.
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