Cast Steel Grit
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Cast Steel Grit

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 / KG

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≥ 7.0 g/cm³
60 - 65 HRC
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  •   Cast steel grit is used in the surface-preparation process to clean paint, corrosion, mill scale, and other contaminants from metal surfaces.
  •   Adding texture to make it easier to apply paint and coatings. The majority of shot blasting equipment is made of steel.
  •   Steel shots are made up of rounded steel balls; however, some applications require sharper edges, so steel grit is used.
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Cast Steel Grit is most commonly used in abrasive blasting, which is a procedure in which a substance is blasted at high speeds toward a base material in order to remove the material or prepare the surface for further work. This is commonly done before coating a base material to remove any undesired impurities or oxide layers and increase the coating adherence.

Cast Steel grit is used as an abrasive, therefore it needs to be tougher than the material it is abrading. As a result, cast steel grit is often made from high carbon and high alloy steels. Stainless Gteel Grit is typically produced of stainless steel so that the completed product does not rust, which may happen if ordinary carbon steel was used.

Cast Steel Grit blast media is suitable for cleaning jobs that require a lot of force. Cast Steel Grit removes a wide range of surface impurities from steel and other foundry metals fast. Cast Steel grit is softer and less likely to fracture than aluminum oxide. Cast Steel Grit's angular nature creates an etched surface on metal, allowing paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber, and other coatings to adhere better.

Steel grit and steel shots are both members of the family of steel abrasives. Although steel shots are composed of rounded steel balls, some applications need sharper edges, hence steel grit is used. Cast Steel Grit has a jagged shape that aids in the abrading of materials. Cast Steel grit is made from crushed steel shot and comes in various chemical forms and sizes.

Cast Steel Grit Applications

  1. Steel Grit for Surface Preparation

Cleaning and physical alteration of a surface is part of the surface preparation process. Steel Shots and cast steel grit are used in the steel grit for surface preparation process to remove mill scale, grime, corrosion, and paint coats from metal surfaces, as well as to physically alter the metal surface, such as by creating roughness to aid in the application of paint and coatings. Cast steel grit and steel shots are most commonly used for shot blasting equipment.

  1. Steel Grit for Peening

The repetitive hitting of a metal surface by hard-shot particles is known as shot peening. The metal surface deforms as a result of the multiple strikes, yet the metal part's durability is improved. This application uses angular media like cast steel grit with a shot blasting machine. The reason for this is that spherical shots are more resistant to fractures caused by striking impacts. 

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning applications use steel shot and grit to remove loose particles from metal surfaces. In the automotive business, this type of cleaning is common (motor blocks, cylinder heads, etc.). 

  1. Chopping Stones

Hard stones, such as granite, are cut with steel grit and cut wire shot. The grit is utilized in multi-blade frames that split granite blocks into thin slices.

Steel Grit Manufacturers in India 

We are the leading steel grit manufacturers in India, and we provide high-quality Steel Grits at a competitive price. Our grits are made under the supervision of our professionals and in accordance with industry-established quality standards. In our sectors, the goods we offer are suited for eccentric rebound aids coverage as well as rust cleaning. The flawless finish, corrosion resistance, durability, and cost-effectiveness of these steel grits are well-known.

Ambica Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of metal abrasives such as glass bead, abrasive garnet sand, cast steel shots, cast steel grits, steel cut wire shots, stainless steel shots, stainless steel cut wire shots, and other industrial abrasives for shot blasting cabinet and room to remove dust, rust, scales, and for Shot Peening of heat-treated components. Foundries and forging plants, vehicles, railways, aeronautics, and shielding atomic radiations are just a few of the uses for the supplied spectrum.