Molybdenum Wire
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Molybdenum Wire

Price Range : ₹ 5K /Kg - 8K /Kg

As per requirement
Melting Point
2600 Degree
10280 kg/㎥
0.1mm to 50mm
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Hot Zones for high-temperature furnaces.
  •   Sputtering targets for coating solar cells & flat screens.
  •   Glass melting electrodes
  •   Heat shields
  •   Semiconductor base plates.
  •   Brazing fixtures & Boring bars
  •   Tools & Contacts
  •   Pigments and catalysts.
  •   Filaments, ribbons, and wires for lighting
  •   Jet Tabs, rocket nozzles and missile parts
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Molybdenum wire price

Molybdenum wire price in India depends on the quality of the Molybdenum thermal spray wire.   Molybdenum wire is generally used for vehicle and machine parts that are introduced to high mechanical loads with remarkably incredible sliding properties joined with astounding wear resistance. A thin layer of molybdenum wire is showered on vehicle and sand blasting machine fragments. Move forks, synchronizer rings, chamber rings, synchronizing social occasions, and other vehicles and machine parts are covered and gotten by molybdenum wire by warm shower coatings. 

We are using powder metallurgical strategies to convey molybdenum spray wire. These metallurgical procedures ensure that our materials are particularly unadulterated and grant our customers to benefit by capable covering estimates that give them particularly uniform and strong results.

Molybdenum Spray Wire

Molybdenum Spray Wire is contained monetarily unadulterated assessment molybdenum with over 99.95% prudence. The thickness of the material is high and the melting point is high, next to titanium and tungsten among the entire scope of segments. we are one of the fundamental Molybdenum Wire Manufacturers in India and is a principal supplier. The wires range in conclusions like ASTM B387. The wire expansiveness runs too. There are EDM, sprinkle wire, standard wire, and clean wire types.

The material is consistent and the wire has no scratches or curves despite the more humble distances across. The surface finish of the wire is dim as it is given. The Molybdenum Spray Wire and the unblemished wires hold the oxide layers on a shallow level which gives them a wonderful dull look. The layer similarly keeps an essential separation from extra oxidation and disintegration on the Molybdenum Wire for EDM as well.

Molybdenum alloy Wire

Molybdenum wire coating is a variation of fire showering as indicated by DIN EN 657/DIN EN ISO 14919 for all components appropriate for coating during molybdenum coating a 1/8" molybdenum wire is dissolved by a fire in wire fire splashing or HVOF gun fire showering and finely pounded on the workpiece with squeezed air.

The particles in molybdenum coating construct a fine to the more grounded microporous coating on the workpiece that has been pre-treated by sand blasting SA3 as indicated by DIN 55928 section 4. The surface turns out to be extremely retentive through molybdenum coating and can be also fixed for hidden erosion reasons. In the hydrodynamics, designing, and vehicle enterprises a permeable, oil-retaining coating additionally has crisis running properties, however normally wanted.

Properties of Molybdenum Wire


Molybdenum Wires


W61 / W91, Pure Molybdenum and Alloy molybdenum



Melting Point:







0.01-2.00mm, Dia. 0.18mm

Tungsten color:

Black and White



Tensile Strength:

2770 N/mm2

Features of our Molybdenum Wire

  • Availability and reliability

  • Short delivery times

  • Top-quality

  • Guaranteed compliance with specifications with outstanding purity (min. 99.97 %).

Molybdenum Wire Manufacturers in India

Ambica Enterprises is one of the best leading Molybdenum wire manufacturers in India. we also provide Sand blasting machine, Shot blasting machine, Grit blasting machine, sand blast room, thermal spray gun, Flame spray gun & abrasives in the whole world. we give the best quality and best molybdenum wire price in India. we have the best portfolio of wires and the best quality.