Babbitt Wire
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Babbitt Wire

Price Range : ₹ 2.3K /kg - 3.5K /kg

Metal - Alloy
Babbitt Alloy
Product Name
Babbitt Metal Wire
Chemical formula
Sn or Sn 3.5Cu 7.5Sb
6.43 or 6.67 g/cm3
Melting Point (approx.)
232 or 354 °C (450 or 669 °F)
Corrosion protection, EMF/RFI shielding or bearing surfaces
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   tank coated with glass.
  •   Electronic equipment shielding against EMF and RFI.
  •   solvent-resistant corrosion
  •   coatings for electrical connections that can be soldered.
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Babbitt Thermal Spray Wire

Babbitt wires are utilized in the thermal spray for the thermal coating process. The thermal spray gun uses an electric arc wire spray or flame wire spray process for thermal spray coating. White metals can be alluded to as Babbitt. These white materials can be tin or lead, antimony, or copper. The thermal spray wire has both soft and hard compositions and they offer perfect low friction resistance and wear resistance.

Babbitt Alloy Wire

Babbitt Alloy wire is sufficiently strong to secure the food stockpiling tank and fix a glass-lined tank. This wire delivers a thick coating of 0.25 to 0.65 mm that provides protection from corrosion. 

The Babbitt wire recipe comprises 3.6% copper, 7.1% antimony, and 89.3% tin. The wire softening point is roughly 695°. 

A high evaluation drives free Babbitt wire is utilized for fire and curve wire spray. These Babbitt wire coating metals are ideal for rock-solid and fast orientation. Since courses are utilized in extensive basic applications so they required the most noteworthy conceivable quality coating. The Babbitt wire coatings are pliable and low in coating oxide. The Babbitt wire coating has a brilliant and metallic appearance. 

In the electrochemical arrangement, Babbitt wire is nobler than steel for metal and amalgam. Babbitt wire or tin coating can likewise use as a powerful EMF/RFI shield. For high dissolving point materials tin is utilized as a bond coat like nickel-copper, nickel, bronze, and treated steel. Tin-based Babbitt wire Sprababbitt A will be an uncommon high evaluation that is fabricated only for thermal spray. Babbitt in thermal spray wire form is also used for the thermal spray coating of critical surfaces including bearings, load-bearing surfaces, and some electrical components

An uncompromising and high velocity bearing Babbitt, wire coating is filled in as an ointment. At the point when heading is in working coating forestalls normal wear.

Babbitt Alloy Wire Applications

Babbitt alloy wire can be used for different types of spray applications, including flame spraying gun, arc spray gun, thermal spray gun. This is due to its soft composition, high travel speeds, and low levels of splatter. These positive attributes allow Babbitt wire to be used to coating other objects and materials easily and cost-effectively.

Babbitt Alloy Wire Price

Babbitt Alloy wire price in India depends on the quality and quantity of the wire. We provide the Best thermal spray wire, Babbitt wire in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India with the best quality for sale.

Babbitt Alloy Wire Manufacturers

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