Laser Rust Removal Machine
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Laser Rust Removal Machine

Price Range : ₹ 5-7 lakhs

Laser Rust Removal Machine
Laser Power
1000 Watt
1000 Nanometer
Working Temperature
5-40 degree
Power Consumption
5 Kw
Cooling System
Liquid or Water Cooling
220-240 V | 50 Hz
Cable Length
10 m
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   A laser rust removal machine is frequently employed as a pre-treatment for welding to enhance weld quality, for coatings to prevent paint from failing over time.
  •   For surface treatment and even labeling and marking.
  •   For paint removal.
  •   For de-coating.
  •   For mold cleaning.
  •   For de-oiling.
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Laser rust removal machine, a variousness of laser cleaning, is an efficacious methodology for cleaning up metal segments. Employing a fiber laser cleaning system, rust & distinct adulterations could be instantaneous & released unaccompanied by vandalizing metal undermost. Laser rust removal machine offers a fantastic chance for chemical & manual cleaning procedures to be employed after rust is eliminated accompanied by extreme precision & lower frequent expenses. It's also a generous method to lessen your eco-friendly effects.

Laser Rust Removal Tool

The laser rust removal tool is fantastic speedy rust removal off carbon steel panels accompanied by the most latest, incredibly light Powerlase Vulcan handheld.  Disposition of laser cleaning machine employment ought laser sources confident are unadorned to function, previously powerful & effective. Powerlase redecorate the handheld tool assembling it consolidated sufficiently to accommodate in tight spaces & comfortable to utilize accompanied by point & discharge unsophistication.

The Pulse Energy in this is 150mj accompanied by a Processing Speed of 2 ft2/min. The power was formed to 1.5kW.

Supervise the removal of 200m of serious rust from a carbon steel sheet utilizing 400W of power. The reduction area is 50x50mm.

Process quickens more than 1m2/min are possible utilizing Powerbase Rigel i1600E laser at 1600W moderate power.

The laser ray is fiber furnished & scanned employing Powerbase process tools.

Laser Rust Removal Working

All materials hold differentiated individuals and specify how they respond underneath typical necessities. For rust removal on metals, you must pay an understanding of the consumption threshold.

Laser rust cleaning machine laser parameters might be established thus specific laser ray assertiveness is objective beyond extrication threshold of rust Although beneath specific metal standing is cleaned. If the laser ray is smoothed on metal exterior at a vehemence underneath its consumption threshold, energy of the laser ray is disbanded as warmness one time rust is terminated. The outcome is a clean surface accompanied by rust & dirt layers disappearing unaccompanied by always impacting the ground material.

The acceleration at whichever rust is dragged kindnesses on rust viscosity& laser power. Our raised power systems terminate specific straw rust at roughly 50 cm2/sec. Thickest structures of rust could be dragged at 5 cm2/sec. Most satisfactory rehearsal to discover attributes of your employment is to enclose us to perform analyses on your parts.

Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

Why Employ Laser Cleaning Technology for Rust Removal

Get Rid of Consumables & Go Green

Laser cleaning rescue strategies individually annihilate rust using consumables & chemicals, making it a green technology. The most popular answer most definitely complies accompanied by eco-friendly preservation laws. Furthermore, pulsed fiber lasers engage less power overall. Laser cleaning does father a small charge of dust in the air. It may well be cleansed immediately accompanied by a dust collector system, whichever we furnish & preconception for you if mandated.

Annihilate Manual Labor
It is unproductive to utilize a large portion of manual labor to cleanse every single piece. It is costly & may well be managed more skillfully accompanied by the usefulness of robots. Annihilate manual position employing laser cleaning, an approach someone is likely to be the two of them fully and partially automated.

Minimize Maintenance
Each person who performs abrasive blasting machine encounters an identical problem: their machine is continually interrupted. even if it’s for existence of sand, the sand blasting nozzle circumstances, & its alternate, blasting machines demand standard monitoring & maintenance. Laser rust removal machine is a non-contact technique certain constantly releases rust period drastically decreasing supervision costs.

Construct a Safe Workplace
Lasers in manufacturing surroundings are enormously unassailable at time integrated accompanied by a dust collector system & a Class-1 laser security square. Accompanied by these something in place, machinists assume laser system doesn’t require individual protecting tools for respiratory, hearing, & body protection.

Laser Rust Removal Machine Price

We are one of the best laser rust removal machine manufacturers and also laser rust removal tool suppliers in India. Our laser rust removal machine price depends on the type of laser rust removal tool in India. Our laser rust removal machine price is low compared to others. We also offer the sand blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, pressure blast cabinet, remote control valve, tungsten carbide nozzle, sand blasting spare parts, air compressor, granite stone engraving machine, thermal spay gun, paint spray booth, metalizing gun, zinc spray gun, thermal spray wire, thermal spray powder, tungsten carbide coating, mineral powder, abrasive media, glass beads, steel shot, cast steel grit, PS ball, plastic abrasive media, etc.