Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spray Coating

Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Coating

Tungsten carbide thermal spray coating is a extensively engaged coating material for an expansive spectrum of outcomes in considerable additional sectors. equivalent portions of carbon atoms & tungsten atoms produce tungsten carbide. Attended by twice thickness of steel, it is basically double as substantial about halfway betwixt certain of lead & gold. high-velocity oxy-fuel & tungsten carbide thermal spray coating originates an immediate adhesive chaperoned by substrate upside application, suggesting remarkable wear resistance & sealant strength.

A number of tough coatings & surface treatments are successfully encountered to enhance the life of tools & critical components. Plasma & thermal spray coatings, hard chrome plating, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) & CVD coatings, Nitriding, & Boronizing are surrounded by most widely utilized exterior engineering techniques. However, individually these well-appointed processes have their limitations. In particular, currently employed PVD & CVD processes deliver extremely narrow coatings of< 5 m,  whichever cannot resist abrasive & erosive conditions. Meanwhile, chrome plating is under pressure for eco-friendly purposes & even though spray coatings are believed a forthcoming option for chrome, they are not appropriate for interior surfaces. Most of these treatments don't cover substrate resistant to chemically assertive media.

Usually, tungsten carbide is encountered as a serviceable, gray powder. It could be integrated including a small quantity of metallic tungsten carbide powder to construct carbide coatings, which have a powerful resistance to wear, corrosion, & abrasion.

Tungsten Coating

Hardide is a tungsten coating that provides a special set of qualities. As an enabling material, it has already shown success in applications involving downhole tools, pumps, & valves, and certain handle fluids certain are abrasive or chemically hostile. Acids & other harsh & caustic chemicals are resistant to wear & coating. It could coat intricately shaped parts & internal surfaces uniformly because it is sprayed from the gas phase.

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Heightened velocity steel machining tools were employed in an elevated speed milling machine after existing coating accompanied by WC & TaC utilizing chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Behind trials, scanning electron microscopy was engaged to estimate physical guiltlessness of instrument coatings, & exterior roughness of materials corresponded to forecast optimal behavior. Established on these investigations, heterogeneous films are formed by deposits. Findings show certain corresponded to WC coating, tungsten caribe thermal spray coating has a stronger resistance to attrition.

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Surface engineering studies drawing of composite systems constituted by a substrate & a coating, or more generally a surface treatment, in order to obtain functional performances not possible with only substrate materials or coatings materials. Distinctive is issue of structural materials with good mechanical strength but destructive manners in aggressive environments & when sliding or friction is present. In this cases, an external treatment is applied to component to keep suitable  mechanical characteristics adding good anticorrosion or antiwear properties through application of challenging materials like oxides or carbides.

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An example could be found in petrochemical industry where employed devices are under conditions of simultaneous mechanical pressure & chemical corrosion caused by  presence of suspended particles in fluid. Therefore in pipeline engineering it is necessary to consider wear & erosion problems & to guarantee a long life of equipment (pipes & valves) together with safety.

Ni based alloys are good anti-corrosion materials, but they do have not good antiwear characteristics & could not be engaged in stamp portions of line. From point of viewpoint of tribological properties, usefulness of difficult materials such as thermal sprayed coatings allows for enhancement drastically in-service conduct of component. Quite all these coatings are produced by HVOF spray gun (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) to acquire extremely hard coating with perfect cohesion & adhesion. This technology even authorizes acceptance of extremely dense coatings certain show good behavior in forceful environments. Namely tungsten carbide cobalt-chromium is traditional material for application in petrochemical field & encounters a position in specification of major companies.

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Therefore testing of this type coating delivered by HVOF tungsten carbide coating is a fundamental contribution to an acquaintance of its certifications for petrochemical connotations. This paper addresses study & characterization of tungsten carbide thermal spray coatings.

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