What is Shot Blasting?

The shot blasting process utilizes a centrifugal blast wheel shoots media, such as steel shot, onto a surface at high velocity. This removes debris and other material from the surface. The shot media, which can range from steel shot to cut wire to nut shells, is loaded into a hopper and fed into the blast wheel. Shot blasting is a process for removing debris and irregularities from concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces. Shot blasting, while similar to sand blasting, differs in execution and effectiveness. 

Shot Blasting equipment is a process that smooth a surface with the help of high-velocity steel abrasive media. The blasting method helps in obtaining cleaning and preparation of the surfaces for the secondary finishing operations. The selection process of the type of blasting equipment and machines depends on the size and shape of the equipment. The surface to be cleaned, the required final surface finish specification, and the overall required process.

Shot Blasting Machine

shot blasting machine is enclosed equipment designed for abrasive blasting for cleaning and preparing the rough surfaces. Shot blasting machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter of shot blasting machine, shot peening, shot blasting room, shot blasting hopper, shot blasting cabinet for sale, and portable shot blasting machine price in India. 

Process Of Shot Blasting 

In shot blasting - Throwing the abrasive media at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled way. It removed the contaminants on the surface with the help of the abrasive impact. The process of blasting is at its peak. It uses compressed air for propelling the shot blasting media. This method remains to clean metal frames.

The shot blasting production lines (both manual and automated systems), only became possible after the introduction of the centrifugal wheel blast machines. The system of blasting with the centrifugal wheel has proven to be more productive than compressed air and achieves a better and more uniform finishing of the surface.

Application of Shot Blasting 

  • For cleaning of metals like iron, steel, forgings, non cast parts, and many more.
  • For mechanical cleaning of sheets, wire, rods, coils, etc.
  • Shot peening to change the mechanical properties like increasing resistance to fatigue of springs, gears, etc.
  • Preparation of surfaces for operations like painting, coating, etc.

Types Of Shot Blasting

  • Wheel shot blasting
  • Air Blasting

Wheel shot blasting: is direct converts electric energy into kinetic energy by rotating a Blast wheel. The capacity of each blast wheel goes from approx 60 kg per minute up to 1300 kg per min. Shot blast machines use these high-velocity shots to clean or smooth surfaces. The method of conveying the components to be blasted will be defining the type of equipment.

Air blasting: machines cabinet - the blast shots are pneumatically accelerated by blasting compressor and projected by blasting nozzles onto the component. For special applications shots + water mix can be used, this is called wet blasting cabinet.

In air and wet blast the shot / sand blasting nozzle can be installed in fix position or can be operated manually or by automatic nozzle accumulators. The blasting task defines the choice of the blasting media; in most cases, any type of dry or free-running abrasive media can be used.

The Shot Blasting Machine Consists Of Six Different Parts 

  • Blast Wheel
  • Cabinet
  • Work Handling Mechanism
  • Elevator
  • Separator
  • Dust Collector

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In India

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