Sand Blasting Room

The sand blasting room method can Steel make-believe or Civil Constructed, in the Civil constructed blast room doorway will be steel make-believe will air louvers, Air louvers get in required air as per the dust collection system. The door of the Blast room can be sliding and hinged type, we can supply according to customer need and space available at customers.

We provide a steel panel booth – Conventional steel paneled booths are very easy to assembly. Rubber lining in sand blasting room protects from wear tear of blasting booth walls. The dust collector is used for dust collecting during sand blasting in the blast booth. The portable sand blasting machine is established outside of the chamber and the operator does blasting inside the chamber by blasting hose.

A portable sand blasting machine is automated on-off by a handle. Recovery System is two types- mechanical and vacuum, In vacuum recovery system, pressurized the air is been used for transfer grit and In automatic recovery system during grit, sand blasting abrasive fall down in conveyor and transfers in bucket elevator, bucket elevator separate usable shot and nonusable by media separator, Usable shots fall down in sand blasting hopper and this process will continue. During shot blasting operation operators wear safety wear which protects from high-velocity abrasives.

Dust Collector of blast room chamber many types, most famous is Reverse Pulse jet Pleated filter, Motorized shaking type. cyclone Type,  We confer these dust collectors as per client requirement and specification of components. We supply the best solution for blasting technologies.

Working Principle Of Sand Blasting Room

The sand blasting room holds sand. When sand blasting is performed, the sandblasting tank's combination valve to lift the sand sealing bracket and charge the sand blasting tank. The sand valve under the sand blasting cabinet and the booster valve both open at the same time. The sand material is forced to be pressed out from the inlet of the sand valve to the outlet due to the charging of the sandblasting tank. The boosting air flow accelerates the sand material at the sand valve's outlet.

The accelerated sand flow is mixed and flowed through the sandblasting pipe to the high-speed sandblasting gun and in the high-speed sand blasting system gun to further accelerate the sand (the boosted airflow accelerates to supersonic speed), the accelerated sand is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece at a high speed to achieve the purpose of surface cleaning and strengthening.

Advantages Of Sand Blasting Room

  • The metal parts are essentially undamaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not be affected.
  • The sand blasting room keeps the surface of the parts clean, and the abrasive will not chemically react with the material of the parts.
  • The sand blasting room can easily deal with difficult-to-contact parts like grooves and can use abrasives of various particle sizes.
  • The processing cost of the sand blasting room is greatly reduced, which is primarily reflected in the increased work efficiency, which can meet a variety of surface finishing requirements.
  • The sand blasting room is environmentally friendly and saves money on environmental treatment.

Sand Blasting Room Manufacturer in India

We are the Leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of shot blasting room / sand blasting room in India. We also design and supply customized grit blasting rooms with dust collectors & the best quality sandblasting room/booths/equipment and also offer shot blasting cabinet, sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, thermal spray gun, abrasive media, portable shot blasting machine in India at a low price in India and all over the world like UK, US, China, Japan according to customers demand with the best quality. 


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