Protection Methods for Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine Protection Methods 

Shot blasting machine uses all kinds of abrasives to give a strong cleaning effect on the surface using compressed air or water. It removes burrs Incontinently for texture application, peening, or scraping. But Protection Methods for Shot Blasting Machine with high-virtue gear to save workers from the Impact of hazardous dust and toxic metals that usually come out of the blasting hose.

How are they hazardous?

Working with abrasive media has two types of risks:

  • Noise Hazards
  • Health Hazards.

Noise hazards:

Working with a huge compressive force means there is a high level of noise that can create significant hearing loss to the work and his mates. Abrasive blasting machine also gives high pitch sound. To slug this, hearing protection gear needs to be worn before every application as any noise greater than 85 dB must be controlled for protecting the workers. shot blasting machine.

health Hazards:

Since there is a high degree of noise and dust, it comes in direct contact with humans and forms health complications. Even the treated surface may contain septical agents like fine lead paint, silica hazardous to workers.

Most of those tiny substances like coal and copper slag and steel grit commonly cause lung diseases, cancerous outcomes, crystalline, and major respiratory problems. Slags contain a high amount of toxins in the dust form like cadmium and arsenic.


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