What does a shot blasting machine do?

Shot blasting machine is a technological process of removing various impurities from different surfaces by using abrasion. Shot blasting machine is utilized for surface protection and also prior-preparation of surfaces prior to further processing, such as welding, coloring, etc.

Working Of Shot Blasting Machine 

In the shot blasting process a stream of abrasive factors with the wanted dynamic energy is created and propelled onto the surface to be utilized. The stream of the scrubbing tool, being a mix of metal shots, is a dynamically mutable system, including an accelerated and separated zone, as revealed by numerous studies.
The actual relationship of special zones in the construction of the shot stream considerably increases the shot blasting efficiency. The greater the mixed zone, the more effective the process. Other determinants of shot operation efficiency include:

  • satisfying the models bearing the design of blast tools,
  • properties of the washing tool which has to meet the special method requirements,
  • The optimal shape of the shot stream in the duration of its geometric, dynamic, and changing parameters,
  • the direction of the jet running the surface of the treated field.

Parts of Shot Blasting Machine

It has 6 main parts they are following :-

  • Blast Wheel - The wheels are the main part of the shot blasting machines. There is a symbol of wheels that are located in the machine, it depends on the type of responsibility to be shot blasted. Apart from its efficiency & cleaning also depends on the part of the wheel, therefore, it should have a quality component used in the machine for the effect of that process.
  • Shot / Sand Blasting Cabinet - The shot / sand blasting cabinet of the shot blasting is required in the articles that are to be conducted in closed, for vibration-free blasting method. The cabinet is generally made of string steel or different abrasive material, lined with wear-resistant alloy. To use a machine absolutely one should do a private inspection of its door and air purifying Procedure.
  • Work Handling Tool - it depends on the kind of that type of machine you are working on as per your job demand, also on the size & character of the parts. If we talk about the tumblast shot blasting machine, we have to look at the conveyor belt or rubber belt that worked in the machine should not get harm during tumbling to protect efficiency. Meanwhile, table-type shot blasting machine parts must be installed again and again on the table to show complete cleaning of the surface. Apart from it in Hanger type machine sometimes parts get hung on the trees hung, then special accessories are usually taken into the abrasive stream. We also have to see after its maintenance timely for its effective use.
  • The Elevator of The Machine - The abrasive recovery system is produced at the bottom of the shot blasting cabinet and attached to the screw conveyor on-base of the elevator, which carries the separator also. The production rate of the machine may go down elevator would not work properly, therefore, one should know its function and maintenance which is required by the machine from time to time.
  • Air Separator - When abrasive media infiltrates into the blast wheel, that must be cleaned in all contaminants for the original use of the machine, Cleaning of abrasive from the blast wheel is the leading role of a separator in the shot blasting machine, so it should keep working perfectly it the time of shot blasting method.
  • Dust Collector - it is the most necessary part of the shot blasting machine for filtration. A dust collector is to recover dust through the shot blasting process; one can also learn the uses of dust collector in the machine as per its name. The dust normally full air from the separator & cabinet airing. Users should assure dust controllers specific work during shot blasting for the pollution-free atmosphere and for the health of workers working in the industries.

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