Metalizing Gun

In metalizing gun a Thermal Spraying is a group of coating processes in which finely separated metallic or nonmetallic materials are placed in a molten or semi-molten condition to form a coating. The covering material may be in the form of powder, ceramic-rod, or wire. Thermal Spraying has an advantage over other processes as it is a cold process & as a result, it never spoils parent material. The thickness of the coating is controllable with, no matter what the job size is Loss of surface properties due to wear, corrosion, abrasion, erosion, cavitation, etc. can be avoided in a cost-effective manner by thermal spray coating.

Process Of Metalizing Gun

Metalizing is the process of melting metal and propelling it in finely divided form against a coating-to-be-applied object. To carry out this process, a variety of equipment has been developed. The metal may be supplied in the form of wire or powder, and may be melted by an electric arc or an oxy-acetylene flame, depending on the equipment used. Metal supplied in the form of wire is used in the most practical metalizing guns today, and the metal is melted using a name. The flame used in the flame spray gun is typically an oxy-acetylene flame, but other gases, such as propane, hydrogen, coal gas, and so on, may be used in its place.

This type of metalizing gun is made up of two major parts. The wire feeding mechanism, which transports the wire to the melting zone, is housed in the gun's body. A high-speed air turbine provides the power, which drives the wire feed rolls through a train of years. The most modern equipment of this type includes a variable speed valve built into the turbine housing. This type of equipment will provide a speed regulation of less than 5% from no load to full load over a wire-speed range of 2 1/2 to 12 1/2 feet per minute.

Applications Of Metalizing Spray Gun

  • Metal spraying is used to prevent corrosion in LPG, propane, and butane gas bottles.
  • Gas cylinders are frequently refurbished, and as part of that process, the bottles surfaces are grit blasting to prepare them for zinc spraying.
  • Metal arc spraying is commonly used to coat LPG cylinders.
  • It is used for protection of bridge and large steel structures. 

Flame Spray Gun In India

Metalizing gun also known as flame spray gun and we offer a wide range of flame spray gun (Metalizing Gun) that is substantial in design and sturdy in construction. Our entire range is dimensionally Indorsation in nature and ensures smooth and emphatic applications. They are functionally advanced and used in a varied industrial slab. Furthermore, our offered range is merits tested by our professionals.

Metallizing Gun price

We are one of the best metalizing spray gun manufacturers in India at a low price. Metalizing is a general name given to a thermal spray coating process that is used for balm metal on product surfaces. The resulting metallic coatings can be used for protection, ornamental or functional purposes. These coatings are also known to be long-lasting, emphatic, and highly protean. Thermal spray coatings specializes in three types of metalizing processes:-


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