Multi Cyclone Dust Collector
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Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 80K - 3Lakh

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector
Mild Steel
Bag Type
Fabric Bags
Motor Power
Up to 40 HP
Powder coated
Power option
3 Phase
Up to 5 microns
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Sand blasting Machine, Grit & shot blasting Machine process
  •   Bag tube Packers
  •   Belt Conveyors
  •   Shake out conveyor,
  •   Bins & Bucket elevators,
  •   Floor gate, Grinders,
  •   Mixers, foundry,
  •   Food processing Industry,
  •   Paper & Pulp Industry,
  •   Bulk powder processing industry. Etc.
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Similar to single cyclone dust collector, multi cyclone dust collector and multi Cyclone separators extract heavier dust from dust-laden gas using inertia and centrifugal force to create twin vortices. The number of centrifugal forces generated and a longer residence period to give more dust a chance to settle down are two factors that greatly influence how well a cyclone separator performs in collecting finer dust. These two elements improve particle separation. Reducing the cyclone diameter will increase the centrifugal force while raising the cone height will lengthen the residence period. Many thinner and longer cyclones are organized in parallel to satisfy airflow requirements and achieve the best pressure drop, integrating all inlets into a single common inlet and all exits into a single common outlet. Although the pressure drop of a multi cyclone is comparable to that of a single cyclone with the same CFM, the efficiency is better.

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Working Principle

Multi cyclone dust collectors & Multi cyclone separator works on the same principle as cyclone dust collector using inertia & Centrifugal force to form a dual vortex to separate heavier dust from dust-laden gas. The number of centrifugal forces produced and the length of residence time, which allows more dust to settle down, are two important factors that affect how well a cyclone separator performs in collecting finer dust.

This study's experimental goal was to design and build a multi-cyclone for the process of sand blasting machine surfboards in order to remove dust.

Ambica Enterprises is used a portable, real-time monitor to gauge the level of suspended particulate matter at the Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors inlet and outlet locations. It is probably the most versatile instrument available with the ability to measure from 0 µg/m3 to 2500 mg/m3 by using a near-forward angle light scattering technique. Infrared light of 880nm wavelength is projected through the sensing volume where contact with particles causes the light to scatter. The amount of scattering is proportional to the mass concentration and is measured by the photodetector. By using a narrow-angle of scattering (12-20o) the majority of scattered light is in the diffracted and refracted components, which minimizes the uncertainty associated with particle color, shape, and refraction index. Range of zero stability is + 0.002 mg/m3 /o C and resolution is 0.001 mg/m3

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Accessories

  • Centrifugal Blower
  • Rotary air locks valve
  • Spiral Ducts
  • Flexible duct
  • Duct clamp
  • Dust collection drum (optional)
  • Suction hoods
  • Dampers

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Industrial Uses

  • Pulp and paper
  • Cement plants
  • Mining and milling
  • Coke processing
  • Materials handling
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Clay, glass and ceramics
  • Oil
  • Rockwool
  • Lime dust
  • Glass beads
  • Sludge
  • Sulfur dust
  • Sinter dust
  • Clinker cooler dust
  • Iron ore pellets/dust
  • Color dust
  • Rice hulls
  • Petroleum coke
  • Wood waste/bark (various types)
  • Coal (various types)
  • Miscellaneous refuse

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

An expert collection team completely versed in collector operation has built all components for rigorous service.

Each application is assessed on an individual basis depending on the level of service and prior work experience.

Completely Shop-Assembled

All collectors are made to order and, to the extent possible for shipping, fully assembled. As a result, the installation site requires fewer handling and erection man-hours.

Cast Collecting Tubes

For a longer service life, special cast tubes provide homogeneous wall thickness and the highest Brinell hardness. The casting includes the mounting flange at the top of the collecting tube. The attachment is safe and gas-tight thanks to four studs.

Replaceable Boots for Dust Discharge

At the bottom of the collecting tubes, where wear is highest, are sturdy cast iron boots. In contrast to more expensive tube designs that use an integral tube bottom, each boot is secured in place by a bolt for a rapid, affordable replacement.

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers in India

We are the Leading Best Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers in India at a low price with the best quality. Ambica Enterprises is also Manufacturer & Supplier of multi cyclone dust collector for boiler, multi cyclone separators, Sand Blasting Machine with Dust Collector, Shot Blasting machine, portable shot blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, sand blasting nozzle, Sand Blasting Helmet, abrasive blasting machine, sand blasting room, tumblast shot blasting machine, thermal spray gun, metallizing wire, flame spray gun, thermal spray wire, zinc wire, thermal spray wire, abrasive media, glass beads, copper slag abrasive, abrasive sand, steel shot, steel grit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Multi Cyclones Dust Collectors are employed in processes like woodworking, metal grinding, or machining where fewer, coarser dust particles are produced. Pre-collectors like cyclones are employed to lessen bag loading. When great efficiency is not desired or utilised as pre collectors, baffle chambers are used.
How does a Multi Cyclone Separators Dust Collector work?
The Multi Cyclone Separators Dust Collector works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. There are no moving parts to wear and tear and no filter media to clean or replace. Incoming water is guided by a diverter plate so that it enters multiple hydro cyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect.
Are cyclone Dust Collectors Better?
Because their cone-shaped cylinders block airflow and cause heavier debris to fall out before it reaches the filter, two-stage cyclone-style dust collectors perform better (and are more expensive) than single-stage units. Improved filtration and efficiency result from fewer chips in the filter.