Suction Blasting Cabinet
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Suction Blasting Cabinet

Price Range : ₹ 70k - 3.5Lakh

Machine Type
suction type
Mild Steel
Machine Type
Automatic, Manual
Surface Cleaning and abrasive sand recovery system
Cleaning rate
3-5 sqr. mtr/ hr
1 Hp
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   For many coating, painting, and corrosion issues, suction sandblast cabinets offer the best cleaning, smoothing, and finishing option.
  •   They are best used to provide a decorative or aesthetically acceptable surface finish on a variety of materials.
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Suction blasting Cabinet Price in India depends on work-piece size, If the work-piece size is small then need a small sand blasting cabinet. If the work-piece size will large then the size of the sandblasting cabinet will be large, so the cost will depend on the size of the blast cabinet. Sandblasting Cabinet Manufacturer can reduce cost as per component size

Suction Blasting Cabinet is based on the Injection Suction principle of the blasting system. It works on the Venturi principle to get abrasive media from a non-pressurized storage hopper or tank to the blast gun where it is mixed with the compressed air stream and propelled against the work sand blasting machine surface. Suction blast machines or suction blasting cabinet are most easily recognized by having two hoses (one for air and one for abrasive media running to the blast gun.

Specifications of Suction Blasting Cabinet

Description ASB6060 ASB9182 ASB12090
Working chamber(mm) (l)600x(w)600x(h)600 (l)900x(w)910x(h)900 (l)900x(w)1200x(h)900
Door opening(mm) (w)500x(h)500 (w)730x(h)675 (w)800x(h)800
Overall dimension (mm) (l)1500x(w)800x(h)1660 (l)1400x(w)1070x(h)2000 (l)1700x(w)1365x(h)2570
Compressed air required(cfm) 17 20 47
Cleaning area (sq. mt/Hr) 4-7 4-7 15-21
Nozzle (mm) 5/6 5/6 10

Pros of Suction Blasting Cabinets

  • Lower initial cost.
  • Lower Operating Costs.
  • Lower Air Volume Requirements.

Suction Blasting Cabinet Standard Models

  • AE-6060
  • AE-9182
  • AE-12090

Mechanism of Suction Blasting Cabinet

The mechanism of the Suction Blasting Cabinet is different from other blasting models. This Suction blasting has two input holes & one output hole for blasting. Two input hole one is for suction of abrasive another one for creating a vacuum inside the suction blasting from compressed air is flown through a hole. It requires 35 CFM & 6-7kgf/cm2 pressure of air compressor.

Working process of Suction Blasting Cabinet

Suction Blasting Cabinet - Initially start the air compressor and fill the abrasive material in the Suction sand blasting cabinet and blasting substrate keep in the cabinet. The sand blasting machine air compressor provides a large volume of high-pressure air that is controlled by the Solenoid valve or ball valve. Solenoid valves are used wherever fluid and airflow are to be controlled automatically. After that Non-return valve is used for providing safety to the moisture separator. The ball valve is controlled by the operators manually (On/Off). Air compressor air enters the suction gun through the Pipe If the Ball Valve is on then the vacuum created inside the gun due to this occasion creates suction in the gun. Abrasive materials propellers on the abrasive surface through the gun. through air compressor directly air provided on the mixing tube for high speed propelling. Blaster surface and blaster media both have lived in the cabinet. The sand blasting cabinet is a dust-free environment. Because the sandblasting cabinet has a dust collector that is collect the dust.

Suction Sand Blasting Cabinet price in India

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