Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine
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Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 80Lakh

Conveyor type
H.P. of blast wheel
100HP X 2Nos.
R.P.M. of the blast wheel
Approx shot flow rate
700 kg/ min
Shot velocity
70-80 Mtrs./sec
Types of dust collector
Fabric bag dust collector/ Reverse pulse jet pleated filter dust collector
cleaning of dust bags
motorized shaking\ pulse jet air
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Cleaning
  •   Deburring
  •   Remove flashing (Excess material)
  •   Corrosion control
  •   Surface preparation
  •   Shipyards
  •   Railyards
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The pipe is placed on the inside side of the Screw conveyor unit in a Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine or pipe descaling equipment. The pipes are moved into the pipe blasting equipment's work chamber. The work chamber houses 2 Nos. of bottom-mounted blast wheel station which fires abrasive media from the bottom side of the rotating pipe. The pipes correctly shot blast cleaned while they are passing through the blast stream area. The pipes emerge from the pipe descaling equipment's output and must be manually removed. In pipe descaling machinery, the conveyor velocity varies. One opening inlet and one outflow vestibule are provided on the steel pipe shot blasting machine. The curtain is made of enough rubber to prevent abrasive shots from escaping depending on the size of the pipe blasting equipment. A strong Pulse Jet type continuously operated Dust Collector is used to ventilate the complete pipe blasting equipment. 

Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine Procedure

The two types of pipe blasting procedures. We provide both Internal Pipe Blasting (Cleaning) and External Pipe Blasting (Cleaning).  In the internal pipe blasting procedure, the internal pipe cleaning tool is connected with Air Operated Portable Shot Blasting Machine. This Internal pipe blasting procedure is automatic and manual. The air rotates the nozzle of the internal pipe cleaning tool. Airless shot blasting machines and air operated shot blasting machines can both be used in the external pipe blasting technique.

Operating Principle of External Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

The blast wheels on a pipe shot blasting machine with two blast wheels are located on the bottom and top sides of the pipe blasting machine. Manganese Steel Tile is used to line the entire cabinet. The suction rubber curtain of various diameters matching the varying OD of the pipe provides the input and outlet side cabinet (pipe blasting equipment). Shots from pipe blasting machines are not shaken by a rubber curtain. A strong Pulse jet type Dust Collector effectively ventilates the entire pipe shot blasting machine. The pipes are stored on the inner side of the screw conveyor unit and then transported to a blast chamber, where a blast wheel uses abrasive media to clean the pipe's surface, resulting in a total blast cleaned pipe. This cleaned blasted pipe emerges from the conveyor belt's outlet, where the pipe is removed from pipe blasting equipment and delivered to an appropriate location.

Standard Accessories of Steel Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

  • Sand Blasting Cabinet ( pipe blasting equipment ) with Bucket Elevator, Inspection Door, Abrasive Storage Silo & Abrasive Cleaning System.
  • Automatic Abrasive Control Valve cum sound reducer.
  • Cabinet Liner - The entire cabinet is lined with a long-life Manganese Steel sheet having a thickness of 8mm are provided. The Door is also lined with a 6mm Manganese steel plate.
  • Vibratory Shaking type Dust collector.
  • Independent Cubical Control Panel with ammeter and Voltmeter and timers, push-button, contactor, thermal overload relays, overload protection, indicating lamps and main isolator, soft starters, sensors, transformer, etc.

Technical Specification of Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Note: The above specifications are subject to change due to the continuous development of products and according to the needs of the customer.

Size of Component - Max. 4 inch to 56-inch dia (Pipes)   L - 4500mm to 12000mm max
Turbines (Blast Wheel)
No. of Blast Wheel 2
No. of Blades (each wheel) 8
Size of Blast Wheel 50R210
Horse Power of Blast Wheel 100 HP, Qty - 02 Nos.
R.P.M. of Blast Wheel 1850
Abrasive Flow
Approx. Shots flow rate 700 Kg /minute
Shot Velocity 70-80 Mtrs./Sec.
Shots Consumption rate 0.13 kg/hp/ hr
Initial Charge of Shots 4000 Kg.
(to be provided by purchaser)
Recovery System
Drive For Bucket Elevator 15 HP
Drive For Screw Conveyor (total) 7.5 HP
Skew Roller Conveyor Systems Up to 2mtr/min
Length of conveyor (inlet) 10000 mm
Length of conveyor (outlet) 13000 mm
Compressed Air requirement at 6 Kg/cm2 pressure 25 CFM AT 7 Kg./cm2
Dust collector System Vibratory Shaking type
Capacity of dust collector 15000 cfm
Filter cloth area 316 sq mtr
No of bags 300 nos
Bag Type Fabric Bags
Gear Motor 04 Nos
HP of geared motor 1.0 HP each
Bag Cleaning Vibratory Shaking type through sequential timer
Noise Level 80-85 dB (A) at 3 Mtr. From Machine.
Cleaning Standard SA 2.5-3
Job Movement Rotational with linear movement
Control Panel Centralized Cubical type panel
Machine Dimensions
Overall Dimension of pipe blasting machine
Or pipe descaling equipment
Length 28000mm
Width 8500mm
Height 6300mm(GL)
Floor Space required for Machine
without Reverse Pulse Jet type Dust Collector
Length 28000mm
Width 9000mm
Pit Requirement of pipe descaling equipment Length 6000mm
Width 3500mm
Depth 1300mm
Total Power Required 268.5 HP(200 kw)
Blast Wheel 100 HP x 2 200.0
Bucket Elevator 15 HP x 1 15.0
Upper Screw Conveyor 7.5 HP x1 7.5
Inlet Conveyor 1 HP x 3 3.0
Outlet Conveyor 1 HP x 3 3.0
Dust Collector 40 HP 40

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