Online Zinc Spray Coating System
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Online Zinc Spray Coating System

Price Range : ₹ 10Lakh - 30Lakh

18x8x12 feet (LxBxH)
Coating Material
Wire Diameter
Compressed Air Required
70cfm at 80 psi (5.5bar)
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Homegrown and garden furniture
  •   Vehicle seat outlines
  •   Green passage type nurseries
  •   Garages
  •   Stopping hindrances
  •   Balustrade
  •   Conductors
  •   Engine vehicle fumes frameworks (aluminized) and so forth
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Online Zinc Spray Coating System in India

Ambica Enterprises is the Best Online Zinc Spray Coating System in India for Tube Mill Industry in India at a low price for sale.

Online Zinc Spray Coating System for Tube Mill Industry

Online Zinc Spray Coating System on G. I. Tubes and pipes produced from Tube Mills generally lack corrosion resistance property at weld portion, throughout the entire Seam Spraying of Pre-coated E.R.W Tube length (due to removal of the galvanized layer while welding the seam) resulting in poor corrosion resistance and subsequent rusting. The metal coat has analyzed the problem and developed chemically non-hazardous thermal spray coating systems for continuous online zinc spray coating on G. I. Tubes and Pipes on the seam. Such systems have been confirmed and supplied to various leading tube mills where these systems have been performing satisfactorily. The Zinc spray is 20 to 30 Microns. However, 10 to 100 microns can be deposited (depending upon tube/pipe traverse rate) on Tubes and Pipes ranging from 15mm N.B. to 125mm N.B. Size without interrupting Tube Mill speed. The ordinary output can be 10 pipes per minute with an estimated 25 microns coating thickness. The System package consists of a dry spray room (Spray Chamber), Twin Cyclone type dust collector, Exhaust Fan with motor along with ducting.

The Spray Booth is installed just after welding Work Station. The Arc Spray Gun is positioned inside the Spray Booth. The distance of the spray gun from the tube/pipe is adjusted depending upon the size of the tube/pipe and the spray pattern required to minimize spray wire losses. The Hot Weld seam is sprayed with zinc wire resulting in a dense coating with a strong metallurgical bond over the weld seam. The fumes and fine Zinc dust generated in the spray booth are sucked into the cyclone dust collector due to suction created by the exhaust fan. Due to cyclonic action, the zinc particles are trapped at the bottom of the cyclone dust collector, and clean air is discharged from the outlet of the blower into the atmosphere keeping The Arc Spray Gun System consists & of Arc Spray Gun with a two-wire feeding arrangement DC/AC Power source built-in with control console with wire spool stand having spool capacity 15Kgs each. The Wire feeding device is by pull process powered by an electric motor. The wire feeding speed is adjustable through the motor. The zinc spraying coating system is a cool process producing fine and dense quality coating having high bonding strength and the smallest porosity

Specification of Zinc Spray Coating System


Ambica Enterprises


18x8x12 feet

Type of Thermal Spraying

Zinc Spray Coating System

Wire Diameter


Compressed Air Required

70 cfm at 80 psi (5.5bar) 

The Zinc Spray Coating System for Tube Mill is primarily intended to provide protection against small and large fires. The offered water spray system is primarily intended to protect locations where a fire is expected to spread quickly and equipment cooling is required. Furthermore, it is created by our skilled workers utilizing top-grade metal in compliance with industry standards.

Feature of Zinc Spray Coating System

  • Zinc Spray Gun particles can spray at speeds of up to 300 m/s. The spray nozzle has a maximum airflow speed of 420 m/s.
  • The coating density is more than twice that of a conventional electric spray cannon. Porosity is less than 3%. The deposition rate of spray particles > 75% The coating and pipe surface has a strong adhesive strength. At the same time, the power supply and control are constructed as a single unit, resulting in a more compact machine. The spray cannon, in particular, uses remote control air and electrical switches, making operation more convenient, eliminating the need for two personnel to work at the same time, and enabling long-distance spraying, spraying at heights, and spraying within containers. Adopting a safe pressure is beneficial.

Zinc Spray Coating System for Tube Mill

We are the best Online zinc spray coating system Manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter in India for Tube Mill Industry.  Ambica Enterprises is the Best Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India. We provide Sand blasting Machine, Sand blasting cabinet, grit blasting machine, portable grit blasting machine, shot blasting machine, thermal spray gun, shot blasting cabinet, pressure blasting cabinet, arc spray gun, metalizing gun, flame spray gun, etc in India at a low price for sale.