Steel Shots S330
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Steel Shots S330

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 80 /kg

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  •   Shot peening: A process used to strengthen and lessen stress in machinery such as turbines, steel automotive crankshafts, springs, gears, torsion bars, shafts, and connecting rods, uses steel shots.
  •   Surface Cleaning: In order to support coatings including powder coating, enamelling, painting, metallization, rubber bonding, and more, steel shots are utilised.
  •   Removal of Sand: Castings can be cleaned with steel shot.
  •   Cast steel is shot-blasted: Steel boards, ship boards, steel profiles, and other steel materials can all be blasted with steel shots.
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Steel Shots S330 has a spherical form. This grade of abrasive is similarly hard as the grit, with a mohs scale hardness of roughly 8.0. The most common procedure in which this shot is applied is shot peening. By repeatedly impacting the product with steel shot, shot peening hardens the surface of the product being blasted.

The metal contracts as a result of the repeated hammering, boosting its strength. Manufacturing of gear parts, springs, turbine blades, and cam shafts are some of the most typical applications for this effect known as shot peening. In addition to shot peening, other applications for such shots include those that call for high rates of energy transfer to successfully provide an excellent surface profile.

This covers tasks like cleaning concrete surfaces, removing rubber buildup, and removing epoxy and glue. Depending on the purpose one is employing these blasting techniques for and presuming the professional employs the correct blast media recovery equipment, these steel shot offer many uses before needing replacement, often allowing roughly 150 to 200 cycles. In contrast to grits, in this case, the size of the steel shot will increase as the number of the shot increases.

For example, a shot with a size of 330 will be larger than one with a size of steel shot s110. The larger shots are also employed for heavier steel peening as well as the removal of thicker coatings. 

Steel shot characteristics

High-carbon steel composition, the best trade-off between mechanical and chemical qualities, effectiveness, and durability, is used to make the majority of steel abrasives. Hardness, size and shape, toughness, and cleanliness are the most important characteristics for steel abrasives.

  • Steel abrasives' environmental effects and recyclable status: Steel shots can be recycled between 1000 and 2000 times. Steel shots typically generate less waste than other abrasive media due to their high level of recyclability.
  • Steel shot abrasives' hardness: Steel shot is available in a range of hardnesses, from 35 to 55 on the scale.

Steel Shots Manufacturers

We are one of the top India's leading Steel Shot Manufacturers, which is widely used in many different industries. Steel shot is widely used in blasting techniques to clean the interior and external surfaces of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. iron castings, and forgings, to name a few. Additionally, they are frequently used in shot-peening operations to remove contaminants like rust, dust, scales, and other pollutants as well as to alleviate surface tensions.

We have established ourselves as a trustworthy Steel Shots Supplier in India with a wide variety of abrasives. Our company offers a comprehensive range of Steel Shots while placing a consistent emphasis on quality. The high regard our customers have for this product is a result of its excellent efficiency and high quality. To ensure compliance with established standards, our providers carefully construct the given range using high-quality, authorized Steel Shots.

Additionally, we provide the best prices on high-quality abrasive media for blasting use, including copper slag, aluminum oxide, steel grit, walnut shell, glass beads, quartz sand, and many more. These materials can be used in shot blasting machines, sand blasting machines, suction blasting cabinets, pressure blasting cabinet, portable shot blasting machines, and dustless blasting machines.

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