PS Ball
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PS Ball

Price Range : ₹ 8-20/kg

PS Ball
Size (MM)
0.6-5.0 MM
7.5 mohs
3.64 g/cm³
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Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   PS balls are appropriate for tasks including shipbuilding, rust cleaning, and surface preparation.
  •   In oil storage tanks.
  •   In bridge construction work.
  •   In the construction of heavy steel structures.
  •   In oil rig platforms.
  •   PS ball can be prepared and used as an abrasive media to clean material surfaces.
  •   A common counterweight in many applications is the employment of precious slag balls.
  •   Due to its extreme durability and lack of water absorption, PS balls are also utilized as filtration media.
  •   PS Balls can be used as pavement for concrete and asphalt roads, or they can be utilized as a road covering.
  •   They are mostly used to clean and prepare the surface for painting, Especially in the case of cleaning welded portions in storage tanks.
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Precious Slag Ball

Precious slag ball, & PS ball for short, is a unique media certain can be assembled by quickly cooling slag certain is assembled throughout steel-manufacture procedure according to our acknowledge Slag Atomizing Technology (SAT) specifications. Ministry of surroundings accomplished PS ball, an environmentally friendly solidity. Its unique properties, such as its squeezing strength, hardness, & resistance to weather-beaten, are similar to those of sand & copper slag. We are the top PS ball manufacturer in India with the best grade.

PS Ball Abrasive

PS ball abrasive media is constructed by quick-freezing molten steel slag. It is an exhilarating & universal outcome certain is favorably durable, hardened & especially durable. Its special features assemble it appropriate for a broad spectrum of applications & its numerous standard usefulness is while an abrasive for exterior rehearsal of steel previous to employment of paint coatings. while PS Ball behave not include Free Silica, Precious slag ball is nontoxic & in adherence accompanied by eco-friendly limitations the world on all sides. Corresponded to sand & copper slag, it has excellent squeezing strength, hardness & reverse weathering resources.

chine structure of PS Ball, Stabilized physical & chemical structure allows for annihilation of pollution objective. PS Ball carry more useful characteristics corresponding accompanied by sand in compaction strength, hardness & reverse weathering.

PS Ball owing to its feature, it delivers an excellent atomizing of media size, density, hardness & durability. Consequently, productivity of abrasive decreases utilization rate & enhances effectiveness furthermore non-toxic atmosphere status. PS Ball is a reasonable media when we correspond to different mineral materials. PS Ball can be reclaimed until 3-4 times established on its exterior toughness. we also offer abrasive media like steel shot, stainless steel grit, quartz sand, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide grit, plastic abrasive, walnut shell, cut wire shot, abd aluminum oxide, etc.

PS Ball contains superior material properties like spheroidal shape, heightened stability & quiet abrasive velocity. employ these features, the perfect implementation was founded on the usefulness of repair & reinforcing, abrasive blasting machine media, roof, non-slip material, etc.

Characteristics of PS Ball

PS Ball is broadly employed in multiple various applications, including cleaning & surface preparation, furthermore ship building, ship supervision, oil storage container, mega bridges, grave steel structures, oil rig venues, & petroleum probes. As a consequence of its inherent unique hardness, diameter in structure, shape, & physical & chemical arrangement, PS Balls are constructed of environmentally acceptable materials & don't include any hazardous components.

This PS ball, whichever is constructed by quickly cooling slag, was assembled by utilizing a novel procedure understood as SAT to advance steel-making procedure. By employing fast warmth conversation of dropping fluid steel slag in a rapid wind current, molten slag streamlet is adjusted over into spheroidal slag balls of varying sizes through supercooling. Because PS ball accommodate natural characteristics such as hardness, form, physical arrangement, & chemical makeup, it is an eco-friendly essence certain has no harmful effects on anything. Its compaction strength, hardness, & anti-disintegrating grades are unique, corresponding those of garnet sand & other abrasive media utilized as fine aggregate. This process completes a solid spinel structure by dispersing complementary CaO & Fe2O3 to form an aggressive PS ball. This surface is composed of an oxide mixture in a spinel structure, which creates it impossible for ions & electrons to move in a chemical reaction. As a result, it generates immobile compounds with incredibly substantial chemical & physical resistances against weathering, annihilating causes of pollution.  PS ball reveals presence of asbestos in olivine & arsenic in copper slag, & it is tougher relative to copper slag & contains less dangerous pollutants in different materials.

Advantages of Precious Slag Ball

  • Superior blasting hardness.
  • Boost worker productivity.
  • Less dust than silica & garnet throughout the sand blasting machine process.
  • Reuse the equipment by recycling it two to three times.
  • Excellent illumination intensity.
  • Anti-corrosion as PS Balls don't incorporate any metal.
  • Combined accompanied by additional materials to maintain the demanded weight.
  • Increased durability as a result of PS Ball's hardness.
  • Enhance the production process by creating PS Balls more fluid & spherical in shape.
  • Boost the tensile, compressive, & durable strengths.
  • Lower resin use results in cost savings.
  • Utilizing dried PS Balls saves money.

PS Ball Manufacturer in India

Ambica Enterprises is the leading PS ball manufacturer and also the precious slag ball supplier in India with the best grade. PS ball price depends on the grade and size of the PS ball in India. Our PS ball price is low compared to others. Our PS ball price is Rs 8-20kg in India. We provide automatic sand blasting machine, pressure blasting cabinets, wet blasting machines, blast room systems, laser rust cleaning machine, sand blasting spare parts, remote control valves, mixing tubes, sand blasting helmets, sand blasting nozzle, shot blasting machine, grit blasting machines, cyclone dust collector, granite engraving machine, thermal spray booth, paint spray booth, thermal spray gun, metalizing gun, HVOF gun, zinc spray gun, thermal spray wire, thermal spray powder, mineral powder, dolomite powder, and limestone powder, etc.