Glass Beads
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Glass Beads

Price Range : ₹ 70 /kg - 110 /kg

Powder, Round
Fine, Micro, Large, Small
Sand Blasting & Shot Blasting surface cleaning
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  •   Extrusion, forged, and printed matrix cleaning
  •   Smelting, injection, and vulcanizing casts of aluminium, brass, rubber, plastic, glass, and zamac are cleaned and texturized.
  •   Rotors, windings, armors, and brushes in electric motors and generators are all cleaned.
  •   Engine cleaning, including cylinder lids, valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, and other components (elimination of carbon).
  •   Cleaning and removal of salts and discoloration caused by thermic treatment for steel hardening.
  •   Paint, varnishes, lacquers, and other oxides are cleaned and removed.
  •   In nuclear centrals, cleaning of superficially contaminated materials with radiation.
  •   Cleaning of polluted parts in printing machines of all types.
  •   Precision cleaning and deburring without changing the size.
  •   Painting, anodizing, chromium plating, hard chromium or another coating, or galvanic treatments are all examples of surface preparation.
  •   Critical parts in turbine components, airplane engines, springs, gears, and other items are shot-peened to strengthen their resistance to fatigue and corrosion.
  •   Scratches, flaws, and tool marks on casts, matrixes, and other materials are removed.
  •   Rollers with a certain, homogenous, and controlled roughness.
  •   Anti-reflective coatings on surgical instruments, tools, windshield wipers, and electronic equipment fronts, among other things.
  •   Decorative finishes in stainless steel, chrome-nickel steel, aluminium, plastic, brass, tin, copper, and iron of the highest quality.
  •   Microscopic granules are used to keep lubricants or mold release in place.
  •   Mold cleaning for the production of tyres.
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Glass beads are measured in microns, with different fractions separated into zone sections for diverse applications. Due to their use of glass as a material, Fine glass beads abrasives are particularly eco-friendly. Small Glass beads are a well-liked type of abrasive blast media in this process. Round Glass beads are a circular, spherical material that gives a softer, brighter finish than angular materials. Fine Glass beads are used in a variety of processes, including shot peening, cleaning, deburring, and honing.

Fine Glass beads are suited for injector and pressure Sand Blasting machine, and a filter-recycling device that separates dust from micro glass beads abrasive media and maintains a constant bead size in the system is recommended.

Because they leave no residues on the surface, glass beads abrasive media are also ideal for blasting parts composed of non-ferrous metals, particularly aluminium.

cause the surface is smooth peened and includes no flaws in its crystal structure, surfaces blasted with tiny glass beads abrasive media are ideal for cleaning. As a result, the surface becomes slightly harder and more resistant to wear.

Glass Beads Blasting Media

Glass Beads blasting media is built up utilizing lead-free, soda lime-type glass, comprising no free silica which is then molded into preformed ball figures. 

In the food, pharmaceutical, and wine industries, where only premium certified Micro glass beads are permitted, they can be used as a cleaning or sand blasting machine media. glass beads price depends on the type of the glass beads abrasive media. Ambica Enterprises is the Best Small, Micro, and Large Glass Beads manufacturer and round glass beads supplier in India.

Fine Glass beads in India are mostly used for blasting stainless steel products of various forms, weldings, castings, engine parts, decorative blasting, and other related applications. We save money on expensive grinding, brushing, and polishing by blasting stainless steel parts with fine glass beads, especially in hard-to-reach regions.

Specification of Glass Beads






Round Glass beads


Sand Blasting, Shot blasting

Finishing Type

Shine & Matt

Blast Cleaning Glass

Sa 2


5.5 to 6 Mohs

Packaging Type

Paper Bags


2.4-2.6 gm/cm3

Spherical beads

Greater than 80 %

Silicon Oxide content

Greater than 72 %


Glass Beads Blasting

Glass Beads Size


Average Particle Size

the smaller the mesh number, the coarser the grit

Extra Coarse

20/30 Mesh (560-850  µm)

30/40 Mesh (425-560   µm µm)


40/50 Mesh (325-425  µm)

50/70 Mesh (212-325  µm)


60/80 Mesh (165-250  µm)


70/100 Mesh (150-212  µm)

80/120 Mesh(125-165  µm)


100/170 Mesh (90-150  µm)

120/200 Mesh (75-125  µm)


140/230 Mesh (65-105  µm)

170/325 Mesh (45-90  µm)

When used properly, it is an adequate approach for metal cleaning or surface finishing because it is neither chemically active nor harmful to the environment. Round Glass beads are frequently employed in the impact treatment of exteriors. They have a wide range of characteristics due to their spherical shape and chemical makeup. We are the Best round glass beads blasting media suppliers and a glass bead manufacturer. Our customers can get the products they want in both customized and approved forms, depending on their needs. Glass bead price is determined by the grade of glass beads.

fine Glass beads are manufactured to seem like perfect spheres with a smooth, gleaming surface. Micro Glass beads can be used in granulometric series ranging from 1 to 1000 microns.

Large Glass Beads for Shot blasting cabinet can be used on an extended range of substances with glass, plastic, metal, and rubber. The littler the small glass spheres, the evener the surface; the greater the spheres produce an extra textured finish. To defend special areas or in detail aquatint resolves, areas can be effortlessly masked with tape. It removes burrs, and feathered edges, and alternates from portions in an accuracy process. Corners and edges must be deburred with accuracy to assemble and operate correctly. round Glass bead blasting promises that no base metal from the exterior is removed. For protection, gentle and completed sections can easily be concealed.

Glass Bead Peening with this type of abrasive media is a less-cost form of generating an unchanging surface coating of crushed stress in alloy materials. Peening turns to combat stress cracks and rust, resulting in growing the life of metal portions. The high degree of chubbiness of our Round Glass Beads media progresses the performance of stress confrontation processes.

Glass Beads in India

Glass beads in India at a low price for sale. We also provide all types of abrasive media like copper slag,  Aluminum oxide grit, cut wire shot, Quartz Sand, steel shot, garnet sand, Silicon Carbide grit, steel grit.  We provide tiny Glass Beads at a reasonable price.

Glass Beads blasting Media Supplier

Ambica Enterprises is the Manufacturer & Supplier of fine Glass Beads abrasive blasting media in India at a low price for sale. we are also a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Sand Blasting machines, Shot Blasting Machine, grit blasting machine, thermal spray gun, abrasive media. Get the Round Glass Beads price & other information by contacting us.