Thermal Spray Masking Tape
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Thermal Spray Masking Tape

Price Range : ₹ 100-200/Roll

Thermal Spray Masking Tape
Substrate Thickness
0.008 in
5 Yards
Material Used
Polyester, Polyamide, Fiber Glass
55 microns - 0.18mm
Size Available
5mm - 1200mm
Tape Width
20-40 mm
Temperature Use Range
Up to 500°F (260°C)
Tensile Strength
445 lbs./in.
Adhesion to Steel
46 N/100 mm
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Transport: Truck and Bus, Aerospace, Ships, Rail and Military Industries.
  •   Building: Aluminium Profiles, Metal Structures, Furniture and Floor Coverings.
  •   Electronics: White Goods and Electrical Boxes.
  •   Automotive: Car Manufacturing and Repair.
  •   Medical: Surgical Instruments.
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What is Thermal Spray Masking Tape?

All-purpose thermal spray masking tape is made especially for thermal spray coating, accompanied by a pressure-sensitive silicone adherent system. Products provide excellent conformability and adaptable properties for complex masking needs, & they can tolerate severe temperatures of up to 290C. Pressure-sensitive thermal spray masking tapes are delivered by Ambica Enterprises. To secure a strong binding betwixt the thermal spray masking tape & the component exterior, these materials need to be smoothed & pushed accompanied by pressure. We are one of the best thermal spray tape Manufacturer in India at a lower price with the best grade.

Silicone adhesives are consistently employed for thermal spray applications for two reasons:

  • Silicone adhesives generally resist the continuous heightened temperatures approaching 500F/ 260C certain are associated accompanied by thermal spray coating.
  • Silicone adhesive releases cleanly from most surfaces departing no residual adhesive.

Thermal Spray Masking

There are several product structures available to satisfy the needs of certain applications. Simple & multi-layer laminate items are available in the range. The greatest selection of high-temperature thermal spray masking tapes for cold spray, electric arc spray, plasma spray, flame spray gun, & HVOF spray gun (High Velocity, Oxygen Fuel gun ) operations is provided by this range.

Various colors are delivered for Powder flame spray gun coating processes to aid accompanied by identification. The smaller variant is best suited for curved & uneven surfaces, & both carriers function well over high temperature ranges without shrinking. Heightened shear & elevated temperatures up to 200C for goods with a polyester carrier & up to 260C for products accompanied by a polyimide carrier are withstood by both product categories. Additionally, polyimide tapes provide outstanding conformability, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Both product designs have the added benefit of offering a precise, thin line delineation upon removal.

Thermal Spray Tape

Although thing thermal spray tape has long been employed in this market segment's high-temperature applications, not all thermal spray masking tapes is created equal, & there are differences in the extremely heightened performance levels & process advantages certain are crucial to the manufacturing process.

We provides the ideal pressure-sensitive adherent tape from a wide selection to accomplish the desired outcome, regardless of the kind of masking certain is needed. We have created thermal spray masking tape accompanied by particular compositions for Powder & Thermal Spray Coatings that offer superior resistance to heat and abrasion while safeguarding surfaces. We provides a specialized variety of solutions that meet all the demanding needs for masking throughout the paint process in the industrial painting sector.

This brochure features our line of most well-liked items.  The goal of this presentation is to provide you the most affordable format possible. Furthermore, the flexibility of the end product in either cut roll format or converted parts to particular demands is made possible by us conversion experience. Since Ambica Enterprises is an expert in this area, you can depend on their exact technology, application expertise, and ability to provide and customise the optimum tape solution to meet your specific demands, regardless of the thermal spray gun coating method used (liquid, powder, or thermal) or the industrial sector you are in.

Among its many products are heightened interpretation thermal spray masking tapes, textiles, & compounds. Ambica Enterprises is a supreme maker of fabrics coated accompanied by PTFE & silicone. The entire line of masking supplies is made to save money & time. We are dedicated to doing ongoing research and development to provide maskants with increased heat and abrasion resistance. Ambica Enterprises global reach enables us to provide tailored solutions in a timely & accurate manner for difficult masking applications.

Thermal Spray Coating Processes

Based on Our experience We developed a capacity of products suitable to be utilized as maskant in the thermal spray coating processes:

  • Flame spray/ Combustion spray.
  • Electric arc spray gun.
  • Plasma spray.
  • GF-HVOF.
  • LF-HVOF.

Features of Thermal Spray Masking Tape

  • Elevated Abrasion resistance.
  • Great flexibility &  conformability.
  • Contamination-free exterior.
  • Peel adhesion.
  • Prevent bridging & cracking.

Advantages of Thermal Spray Masking Tape

  • Reduce time.
  • Lessen tape consumption.
  • Decrease overall costs.
  • Improve throughput.
  • Eliminate rework.

Thermal spray masking tapes are generally completed accompanied by silicone rubber, woven fibreglass, metal foils, & silicone adhesive.

Compounds Thermal Spray Masking Tape

Ambica Enterprises masking combinations are delivered in two parts, A & B, so that they could stay unmoving & functional for extended durations. The distinct shelf life is 2 years. Once the two components are mixed, molding putty has now been constructed certain could be employed to:

  • Plug holes.
  • Create moulded sleeves & caps.

Fabric Thermal Spray Masking Tape

Fabrics are made of woven fiberglass fabric covered accompanied by silicone; they are often referred to as thermal spray masking blankets. These textiles don't contain any adhesive, unlike tapes. An essential feature certain makes the material reusable is its absence of stickiness. In secondary masking, the material works incredibly well for swiftly covering vast surfaces. Fabric thermal spray masking tape is also use in the plasma hvof spray gun operations.

Pre-Cut or Die-Cut Pieces Taps

Pre-cut & die-cut pieces are pressure sensitive tapes that have been pre-cut on release liners to simplify repetitive masking. Pre-cuts could be produced in sheets utilizing our advanced plotter equipment. Then profiles & drawings are digitally stored for future usage. Pre-cuts are advantageous for:

  • Faster masking results in financial and time savings.
  • Minimizing the handling of razor blades to make the workplace safer.
  • Increasing masking profile uniformity and accuracy.

Thermal Spray Tape Manufacturer

We are the leading thermal spray tape Manufacturer and also thermal spray masking supplier in India. Thermal spray tape price depends on the size, quality and quantity of thermal spray masking tape in India. Thermal spray tape price is low compared to others. We are also provide all types of thermal spray gun, like as metalizing gun, arc spray gun, flame spray gun, zinc spray gun, metal spray gun, powder flame spray gun, zinc spray booth & powder feeder etc.