Wood Working Dust Collector
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Wood Working Dust Collector

Price Range : ₹ 50K - 10Lakh

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Ambica Enterprises
Wood Working Dust Collector
Up to 10-20 HP
Mild Steel
Power Option
230V Single Phase & 3 Phase
Filter Bag
Polyester Filter Bag
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Air Transport
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  •   A dust collector cleans the air in your facility by removing dust, grime, debris, gases, and chemicals, which has various advantages.
  •   Wood Working Dust Collector used in pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture, metal and woodworking, and chemical processing industries.
  •   Wood Dust Collector also used in shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, grit blasting machine, blast room, abrsive gun for dust collection.
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The main purpose of a wood working dust collector is to collect dust created during the processing of wood. Additionally, it can be used to collect thin, non-abrasive materials such as steel shots, steel grit, plastic media, glass bead, aluminum oxide like cashew peeling. Using a wood dust collector is a terrific approach to reduce the health risks that dust, such as wood chips and sawdust, produces in the workshop. we have a wide range of dust collectors each with a distinct power rating and extraction point count. 

Specially designed wood dust collectors are available for the woodworking sector. In this design, a flexible hose or ducting connects a centrifugal blower directly to the suction port. The blower exhaust is where the filter and collecting unit are attached. Here, a cyclone effect is formed with a tangential inlet, the dust falls into the collection bag owing to gravity, and the air is forced through the dust bag.

A cleaning and safety instrument for the manufacturing of leather goods and woodworking equipment is the wood dust collector. Fine dust is produced in significant quantities in the wood industry and is extremely damaging to manufacturing workers. We create specialized dust collector for businesses that work with wood, such as furniture manufacturers and pattern makers.

Industrial Wood Working Dust Collector

Cutting and grinding equipment used in contemporary wood processing operates at extremely high speeds and generates a lot of dust. These dust compounds accumulate inside the circuit boards and precision parts, causing major issues.

To prevent this, we provide ways to completely remove sawdust from the source of the cut. We create and offer several suction hood and dust extractor variants. Sucked sawdust accumulated in the filter bags and will be manually removed. rely on the pre-separators for the application. The use of additional filter bags is advised. These types come in capacities ranging from 1 to 7.5 HP.

Portable Wood Dust Collector

We provide portable wood dust collectors that are mostly utilized in the furniture and pattern-making industries, among others. Our wood dust collectors are designed and supplied to remove all sawdust from the cutting source. Our wood dust collector is practical for gathering sawdust, chips, shavings, and other granular debris. It is advised to use additional filter bags depending on the application's pre-separators. We have established ourselves as one of the Indian manufacturers and exporters of wood dust collection systems.

Features of Wood Working Dust Collector

  • Strong suction power and high airflow with an airflow range of 100 CMH to 25000 CMH capacity.
  • Additional Dust Filtering Area.
  • Small size and low amount of noise.
  • Maintenance for energy-efficient suction motors Free Energy Efficient Induction Impeller Fan All models have available motor parts.
  • Heavy-duty construction, portable sand blasting machine models, made-to-order designs, services, and replacement parts support throughout India.

Applications of Wood Dust Collector

  • Wood Furniture Industry
  • It is used in wood cutting machine
  • Wood dust collector used for thermocol dust collection.
  • Used in Automatic sand blasting machine

Dust Collector Supplier

We are one of the best Dust Collector Supplier in India and supply our customers  with a variety of wood dust collector at an affordable price, which are used to recover product from numerous other industrial processes as well as to remove dry particles from other processes and general ventilation air. The dust from the gas stream that is filtered out of these types of collectors settles on the interior of the bags, where it is then removed by mechanically shaking the bags, by hand, or by pulse jet cleaning.

We are a well-known  Wood Dust Collector Manufacturers, which are made in accordance with global standards. Our equipment is precisely constructed and created by our engineers with the wood industries in mind to gather any size and amount of wooden dusts. We provide them for the most affordable costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In general, dust collector systems function by sucking in dust and other airborne particles, passing them through a filter that separates and traps them, and then releasing the cleaned air back into the workspace or environment.
How do you control dust in a wood shop?
Standard shop vacuum dust filters are not effective against small dust particles. Purchase a high-quality HEPA filter from any retailer that carries the brand of your vacuum to stop this fine dust. They are quite durable and easy to clean, therefore the cost is well worth it.
How many CFM do i need for woodworking?
Most woodworking machinery needs between 250 and 1000 CFM. The size and quantity of woodworking tools being used at once will determine the required airflow, or CFM. Most standard-sized table saws, jointers, and planers with ports measuring 2 to 5 inches in diameter require between 300 and 600 CFM to operate effectively.