Stone Shot Blasting Machine
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Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 10Lakh - 80Lakh

Power Required
25 HP
5-10 ton/day
415 V
No. Of Blast Wheels
Machine Type
Booth Type Machine
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   By changing the speed of the Stone shot blasting machine, the required texture, finishing, and roughness can be achieved.
  •   The friction constant on the stone surface is increased.
  •   Stone slabs can be worked with using the stone shot blasting machinery.
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The Stone Shot Blasting Machine has many Blast Wheel Stations for throwing Shots on the Stone Slab to be finished or textured. These blast wheels are essentially created for stone finishing and texturing applications. The stone slabs are transported on the stone blasting machine's particular conveyor. This conveyor transports stone slabs, granite slabs, or marble slabs into the working cabinet for processing. We can achieve our desired texture or finish on the stone slab by adjusting the speed of the conveyor, the speed of the blast wheel, the size of the shots, and so on. To get special effects on the surface of the Stone, specially created blanks can be utilized on Stone. Stone shot blasting machines can be used in conjunction with a variety of different stone treatment processes, such as heating or cleaning, to meet the needs of the client. The loading and unloading unit for the stone slab can also be combined with the machine as per customer requirements.

Working of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

The stones are loaded on the Rubber Belt Conveyor unit. These stones are transferred to the working chamber. The industry chamber has a 1 No. horizontally positioned blast wheel station system in line with a rubber conveyor which blasts abrasive media on the stone slab. The stone perfectly Shot Blasting Machine is cleaned while they are passing through a blast stream zone of the blasting machine. The stone comes out from the outlet portion of the machine and is removed manually from the machine. The conveyor speed is variable in nature as it can be set according to the finishing required by the customer. One inlet and one outlet vestibule are provided with a stone shot blasting machine. A sufficient number of rubber curtains have been used to capture the escaping gunfire. A strong Fabric Bag Type Dust Collector is used to ventilate the entire machine.

Applications of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

  • Shot Blasting Machine in India is essentially used for the roughness process of marble, granite, artificial stone, and many alternative things. It helps to increase the stone surface friction constant.
  • The stone blasting equipment is designed to work with slabs of stone. The abrasives prepared on the slabs are wiped off using a rubber knife, and the fine layer of abrasives is blown off with the help of compressed air by an adjustable air knife system.
  • A cube-shaped instrument panel controls the operation, which houses contact and overload protection devices, as well as contractors and timers of sufficient competence.

Advantages of Stone Shot Blasting Machine

  • A clear surface can remove rust, unsound surface, and other substances from the stone.
  • Improve technique features, improve rot resistance, promote product quality, and reduce pollution in the surrounding area.
  • This is a constant pass-through sort of machine for automatically blasting plates and large alternative steel gears placed in its roller conveyor.
  • The blast wheels are installed on top of and below the conveyor at optimum angles for completely blasting all exposed workpiece surfaces.

Stone Shot Blasting Machine Price

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Stone Shot Blasting Machine in India

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