Glass Beads Size A
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Glass Beads Size A

Price Range : ₹ 70 - 110 /kg

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Glass Beads
Construction, road marking, Abrasive blasting
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  •   Packed air is used to spray sand-blasting glass beads onto the surface of the work piece, the goal is to remove the oxide layer, rust, and so on from the surface.
  •   The collision of Glass Beads Size A creates a flawless, beautiful, silken whole with no visible seams or variations in size.
  •   Glass dabs, which may be purchased in a broad variety of sizes, are commonly used in shooting cabinets for a wide variety of purposes, including sharpening, cleaning, peening, mixing, finishing, removing light burrs, and cleaning most light remote difficulties.
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Glass Beads Size A are used to clean element (metal) components without damaging the finish. Glass Beads are frequently used for light debarring of precision elements, stainless steel manufacture, equipment polishing, and auto repair. Abrasive blast cabinets are where you'll most often find these. The round shape of the glass beads makes them ideal for polishing and cleaning metal components.
Glass beads are small, spherical, clear pieces of glass that are used to smooth and polish various surfaces. This abrasion is often accomplished via shot/sand blasting machine with a glass bead abrasive, while other techniques may also be used. Glass beads, which are often used as abrasives, can be found in a wide range of sizes, from huge 

Glass Beads Manufacturing Process

Glass Beads Size A are typically manufactured from lead-free, soft drink lime-type glass that does not contain any silica and is then moulded into preformed ball forms. Glass beads, as opposed to more precise abrasive media, produce a finish that is significantly smoother and more brilliant. When glass beads collide with silk, the result is a silk fabric that is flawless, magnificent, and shiny, with no dimensional differences between the components. Glass beads have a rather long lifespan and can be reused several times. Glass beads, when used in a controlled environment, are an effective method for cleaning metal surfaces and finishing their surfaces.

Features Of Glass Beads

  • To get the most out of them, they are blasted at 60–90 PSI. The combination of the glass beads endurance and the reduced PSI, it generates significantly less dust than typical mineral or abrasive media. 
  • In environments with low levels of dust, the operator's view of the work area is unobstructed, leading to higher output. When there is less dust around, it costs less to clean up the area.
  • Glass Beads for sale are a safe and effective abrasive that can be used to clean and debar components without causing any damage to them or the environment.
  • Up to eight uses are possible with Glass Beads. The recycling efficiency of abrasive blast cabinets is unparalleled.
  • A wide range of abrasive blasting tasks can be easily accomplished with glass beads. Cleaning automotive components, castings, and debarring rough edges from castings and gears are only some of the uses for larger sizes (big glass beads).

Uses Of Glass Beads

  • It is used to clean, debar, and finish metal surfaces while preserving their dimensions, as in cold working.
  • Totally harmless to both humans and nature, with no lingering chemical residue.
  • Sizes range from small to extra-large.
  • In fact, it can be reused up to 30 times.

Glass Beads Manufacturers In India

We are India's largest and most competitive manufacturers of glass beads. Numerous factors, including density, physical and chemical characteristics, microstructure, hardness, and durability, are examined in our goods. Being the leading glass bead producer in India, we also offer various types and sizes of glass bead abrasive blasting media in India at very affordable prices, including 50, 100, 150, 250, 300, 425, 600, and 850 microns glass beads.
We are also the leading manufacturer and supplier of steel shots, plastic media, aluminum oxide , copper slag, abrasive garnet sand, steel grit, wallnut shell, silicon carbide, quartz sand, tungsten carbide powder for abrasive blasting machines at an affordable price in India and all over the world like UK, US, China, Japan, etc.