Zinc Wire
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Zinc Wire

Price Range : ₹ 350 /kg - 450 /kg

1-3 mm
Wire Gauge
Yield Point RP0.2
40 - 90 MPa
Minimum Order Quantity
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Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   Zinc wire is frequently used in storage tanks, containers, bridges, head frames, and thermal spraying anti-corrosion.
  •   To thermal spray electric iron towers, poles and towers, capacitors, metal brackets, nodular cast iron pipe, traffic equipment, zinc wire is used.
  •   protection from atmospheric corrosion for tanks and other steel or iron components.
  •   For a thermal spray gun, use zinc wire.
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Zinc Thermal Spray Wire

Zinc wire is a varied method that melts Zinc or Zinc Alloy metals, and then immediately propels the molten Zinc scraps onto a prepared substrate, producing a lamellar or layered coating. Metalizing Spray gun as it is often called is a highly efficient and proven method of corrosion inhibition, giving galvanic as well as barrier coating protection to iron and steel. 

Most protective coating systems for steel function solely by acting as a barrier between the steel and the corrosive environment. If these passive and permeable barriers are damaged or penetrated, moisture and oxygen can reach the steel causing rust and eventual coating failure. A zinc metalized coating also offers barrier protection; however, the electrochemical relationship between zinc and steel allows a zinc coating to give cathodic protection as well. A zinc spray gun coating will preserve the steel galvanically: it will corrode in preference to steel, continuing to protect as long as any zinc remains in the immediate area. The surface of a metalized coating allows excellent adhesion of sealers and topcoats. The effect of this compound is a synergistic coating system that will preserve the underlying steel and require little or no maintenance for many years. 

As with any coating process, individual surface preparation is essential. The blast abrasive used must clean the steel surface of old paint, rust, or mill scale and provide a surface anchor tooth profile of about 2.0 to 4.0 mils (50-100 microns). This type of preparation is necessary to achieve the mechanical bond of a zinc metalized coating. The result will be an adhesive and cohesive intensity of several thousand pounds per square measurement between the substrate and the coating. 

Zinc Spray Wire

In Zinc Spray Wire ordinary zinc-plated coatings are dull dark with a matte completion, albeit more white, more radiant coatings are frequently delivered, relying on the technique for specialists added to the plating shower or through post-medicines. The number shows the covering thickness in microns (µm). Zinc plating is typically utilized for screws and another light clasp, light switch plates, and different little parts. Materials for use in moderate or serious conditions should be chromate transformation covered for extra consumption assurance. The zinc spray wire covering is unadulterated zinc, which includes a hardness around 33% to a one-a a large portion of that of most prepares.

Applications of Zinc Wire

  • Air and drenching consumption security on enormous steel or iron constructions like scaffolds, street boundaries, posts and shafts, seaward designs, and marine designs. 
  • Climatic erosion security on steel or iron parts like tanks and gas bottles 
  • Zinc Wire for thermal spray gun
  • EMI and RF protecting on plastic parts (electric circular segment spray as it were) 
  • Electrical conductance on parts like the conductive territories on protectors and capacitor end covers (electric curve spray as it were)

Safety Precaution of Zinc Wire 

  • The typical safeguards against vapor and residue perils, for example, wearing of a cover and appropriate ventilation ought to be noticed. 
  • Any admonition imprinted on compartments by the sealer material makers ought to be noticed and the client ought to counsel him taking all things together instances of uncertainty with respect to wellbeing and fire risks emerging from the item. 
  • Grit blasting machine, METALIZING, and sealer activity ought to be completed in dry climate conditions, fixing ought not to be finished during soggy and blustery climate without the earlier endorsement of the Engineer accountable for work. 
  • Spray covering ought to be applied immediately and tainting of sprayed surfaces with oil, oil, the soil ought to be eliminated before use of sealer coat. 
  • Sealers must be utilized to fill covering pores with the goal that the metallic covering and steel substrate can be shielded from destructive reagents or harmful conditions like seawater, steam, weaken acids, destructive gases, and so forth 
  • Sufficient insurance ought to be taken for operators‟ security, especially during coarseness impacting and Zinc combination (Zinc 85%-Al 15) spraying. 
  • The typical insurances against exhaust and residue risks, for example, wearing a veil and appropriate ventilation ought to be noticed. No uncommon peril emerges during the spraying of Zinc combination (Zinc 85%-Al 15) spraying (If wearing appropriate PPE).

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