Deadman Handle
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Deadman Handle

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Deadman Handle
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Abrasive/ Sand blasting Machine Operation
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  •   In the simplest words possible, a portable blasting machine has a deadman handle as an on/off switch.
  •   The deadman control handle switch is conveniently placed next to the nozzle, allowing the abrasive blasting machine operator to effortlessly turn it on or off.
  •   There are two methods: electrically and pneumatically using air. For the operator, the deadman handle valve serves as a safety switch.
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Deadman Handle for Sandblasting

In operation, a remote control or deadman handle for sandblasting attached to the blast hose, is held shut closed by the operator. When the operator releases the deadman handle (intentionally or in the event of an accident) the signal is stopped via control hoses to a valve on the blast vessel. This depressurizes the machine & stops the blasting process.

B-type pneumatic remote control handle, commonly known as a deadman's control handle, is secured to the sand blasting nozzle & associated with the remote control valve by a twin-line remote control hose. This allows you to securely activate & deactivate the blast machine from a distance.

Robust & dependable B-Type Remote Control Valve Handle features an integrated safety controller to prevent unintentional switch-on. This deadman's control handle, which features a long-lasting, easily adjustable rubber button to break the seal, is a fundamental part of a secure abrasive blasting machine operation.

The deadman valve is intended to be used as a tool in an abrasive blast control system, enabling remote control of the blast operation's on/off function. The deadman handle for sandblasting system components must have a clean air supply of at least 55 psig in order to function properly.

Deadman Handle Installation

The works in junction with a twinline hose assembly. The twin line hose assembly consists of two color-coded 3/16” air lines. The air supply line is red and the signal/vent line is green. Each hose contains a male flared swivel fitting on one end and a female flared rigid fitting on the other. The supply line of the twin line has 1/4” fittings, and the signal/vent line has 1/8” fittings. The deadman handle valve has matching 1/8” & 1/4” male fittings. It is significant certain hoses include the correct-sized fittings to control the deadman valve from existing established inaccurately. Attaching the air reserve to the incorrect port of the deadman handle valve will prevent the signal from venting & will not authorize the sand blasting hopper operation to stop when the deadman valve is released.

Disconnect the twin line hose from the blast system & remove the existing deadman ball valve from the twin line. Connect the 1/4” swivel fitting of the twin line to the 1/4” male pipe thread on the deadman handle for sandblasting. No thread sealer is required since the fittings are flared. Maintain 1” of slack to prevent the copper strands in the wire from breaking where the cords enter the switch. Tension on the copper strands can occur when the sand blasting hose is underneath tension, bent or the handle is activated. The opposite end of the twin line should be attached to the air supply of the blast system.

Connect the 1/8” swivel fitting of the twin line to the 1/8” male pipe thread on the deadman handle for blasting. No thread sealer is demanded since the fittings are flared. Opposing end of this twinline hose is the signal air whichever activates the blast function. Observe the setup & pre-operating instructions delivered accompanied by the blast system, then stretch the process of deadman handle in India. Check for air leaks at all the connections & repair them as required.

Operation of Deadman Handle

The system starts to blast when the remote control handle is pressed; the blasting ceases when the handle is terminated. A spring-loaded lever instrument prevents the deadman handle valve from inadvertently turning on the system when it is removed.

Twinline hose, which has 3/16" ID on both sides, is employed accompanied by a pneumatic deadman handle. Air exits the deadman handle through an aperture on one side of the twin-line hose. The air is sent back down the opposite side of the twin-line hose when the deadman handle valve is squeezed, blocking aperture.  Remote control valves start sand blasting machine operation when the returning air triggers them. Instead of the dual line hose & orifice seen in pneumatic handles, electric remote controls employ an electric cable & micro-switch. 12 volts is needed to run electric handles.

Deadman Handle Purpose

Regulations mandate that all abrasive shot blasting machine have remote controllers. until 100 feet of twinline control hose could be used with pneumatic remote control systems to provide efficient operation. until 500 feet away, electric remote control devices function effectively. A unique remote control thread is needed for distances more than 300 feet.

Deadman Handle Features

  • Lengthier levers suggest the best leverage, which facilitates depressing & agreeably holding the deadman in the "on" position.
  • Deadman handle & redesigned button let the user to bend & console their hand function for improved comfort when blasting, maintaining safety & avoiding unintentional shut-off.
  • The curved body provides the abrasive blasting hose better by following its form.
  • Simple to operate accompanied by either left or right hand.
  • Easy twin-line connection thanks to comprehensive port spacing.
  • Different-sized fittings & visual indications aid in securing a proper connection.
  • When pushing the blast hose assembly, the body & deadman handle situations are switched to keep dirt & debris from reaching underneath deadman handle in India.

Deadman Handle in India

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