Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine
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Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

Price Range : ₹ 4Lakh - 20Lakh

Total Power
23 HP
300 kg
Surface Cleaning and grit recovery system as per the client required
Payment Method :
Transportation Mode :
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Land Transport
  •   cleaning the element's rough surface.
  •   cleaning up rust
  •   Very helpful for giving cosmetic materials a finishing touch.
  •   helpful in the painting business.
  •   utilized extensively in the surface texturing industry.
  •   widely used in processes to remove heat scale and rust.
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The door of the Tumblast shot blasting machine is opened and components are loaded onto the endless rubber conveyor belt of the tumblast machine manually/ with loader arrangement. Then the door is closed and a Tumblast shot blasting machine operation takes place. The abrasive media like steel shot with high velocity falls upon the tumbling components and cleans them. The rubber conveyor belt or the metallic conveyor tumble belt shot blasting machine the components gently and ensures appropriate exposure of the components. After the cleaning blast cycle is once over, the blast wheel is shut off and doors are opened. The components are unloaded on the trolley by moving the conveyor belt in a reverse direction. Standard Tumble blast shot blasting machines are flexible, and provide low-cost solutions to batch, clean tumble-proof components in the most efficient and economical way.

Tumble blast Shot Blasting Machine Specification

  Modals                                MA-20” X 27” MA-27” X 36”
Tumble Basket Size 20” x 27” 27” x 36”
Wheel size (dia x width) 300mmx63mm 381mmx63mm
Number of Wheels One One
Workload Capacity: Vol. (Cubic Feet) W (Kgs)   2 140   5 350
H.P. of Blast Wheel 7.5 15
Shots Flow Rate (kg/hr.) 6500 12000
Dust Collector type Fabric Bag Fabric Bag
Dust Collector Capacity 1200 cfm 2000cfm
Bags  Shaking Manual Mechanical
Power Consumption 12.5 HP 24HP
Machine  Dimension Len. Wid. H.   1360 mm 1500 mm 4050 mm   1600 mm 1900 mm 4600 mm
Dust Collector Dimension Len. Wid. H.   1200 mm 970 mm 2460 mm   1450 mm 1310 mm 3700 mm

Features of Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

  • Tumble (Tumblast) Shot Blasting Machine has a compact design and simple operating principle.
  • Forced but gentle turning and tumbling of the parts for all-around shot encroachment.
  • High performance has been the goal of shot blasting for specialized applications.
  • The tumble belt shot blasting machine removes shots in a continuous and complete manner.

The belt conveyor (Tumble Shot Blasting Machine) tumbling action guarantees that components are constantly moving and exposed to the blast stream by the motor blasting abrasive material, resulting in a totally cleaned blasting surface or components. The belt conveyor is operated in the opposite direction for convenient unloading, transferring the components into the loading skip or pot.

Tumble Shot Blasting Machine Applications

  • It's used to descale heat-treated and forged components.
  • Desanding ferrous and non-ferrous components can be accomplished with tumble belt shot blasting equipment.
  • For deburring, tumble belt shot blasting machines can be used to clean both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
  • It can be used to deflate die-cast pieces.
  • It can also be used for the removal of contamination from the surface.
  • Shot blasting tumbles workpieces or components thoroughly and continuously, regardless of size or shape. This is required and effective for the consistent treatment of all component surfaces.
  • During tumbling, the workpieces are subjected to a continuous shot removal process, allowing the interiors and crests of work components to be perfectly cleaned.
  • Following the shot blast process, the final tumble duration can be adjusted to meet the type of workpieces being blast cleaned or finished.
  • To reduce shot usage, the blast chamber is completely sealed and leak-proof.
  • Conveyor belts are chosen based on machine size and use (steel/metallic conveyor or rubber belt conveyor).
  • It's a user-friendly, space-saving design.
  • Tumble blast Machines' blast chamber is protected by broad, smooth, and highly wear-resistant liners that are specifically intended to withstand abrasion caused by shot impact.
  • For the usage of aluminum abrasive media, a unique design is provided.
  • Screw conveyors can also be used to remove shot, sand, or scale.
  • Ergonomic platform for maintenance.
  • Loading and unloading mechanisms that are simple to use.
  • There is a dust-removal system in place.

Tumble Blast Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

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Tumble Blast Shot Blasting Machine Price

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