Stainless Steel Grit
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Stainless Steel Grit

Price Range : ₹ 65 - 85 / KG

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≥ 7.0 g/cm³
60 - 65 HRC
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  •   Its high bulk density and high hardness, stainless steel grit transfers more energy to making it much easier to remove mill scale and mold sand.
  •   The best abrasive to use in applications where ferrous contamination is a concern is stainless steel grit.
  •   In centrifugal wheel blast machines as well as in blast rooms and blast cabinets, stainless steel grit is effectively used as a blasting abrasive media.
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Stainless Steel Grit is formed by pulverizing stainless steel into angular particles. When compared to iron-free and mineral-blasting media, the service life is significantly longer. This allows for the cost-effective processing of materials such as stainless steel shots, aluminum oxide, galvanized steel, concrete, and natural stone.

Stainless Steel Grit blasting will not cause ferric contamination or rust on your surface. As a result, Stainless Steel Grit and steel shots are excellent abrasive choices in applications where ferrous contamination is an issue. Because of its high bulk density and hardness, Stainless Steel Grit transfers more energy to the work surface than mineral or slag abrasives, easily removing mill scale and molding sand.

Because of its low friability, Stainless Steel Grit can be recycled hundreds of times. Stainless Steel Grit, unlike mineral or copper slag abrasives, does not completely shatter when it strikes a surface, retaining its relative size. Recycling Stainless Steel Grit boosts profits by lowering abrasive consumption as well as shipping, clean-up, and disposal costs.

Our stainless steel grit's durability ensures a consistent work mix, constant roughness values, and quality adhesion for subsequent coatings. It has been used successfully in the shot blast room, shot blasting cabinet, and centrifugal wheel blast machine.

Chemical Composition Of Stainless Steel Grit

  • C: 1.95 – 2.2%

  • Si: 1.8 – 2.2%

  • Mn: 0.7 – 1.2%

  • Cr: 27 – 30%

  • Ni: 0.0 – 0.5%

Stainless Steel Grit Application

When Ferrous Contamination Must be Avoided, Stainless Steel Grit is Recommended:

  • Aluminum castings and other components

  • Forgings, structural parts, and welded fabrications made of stainless steel.

  • Pressure die castings, forgings, and other parts made of zinc wire.

  • Die castings and parts made of brass and other nonferrous metals.

  • To create an anti-skidding roughness finish, granite, other natural stone, and concrete were used.

All Impact Treatments Use Our Stainless Steel Grit:

  • Peening and Deburring

  • Cleaning by blasting

  • finishing the surface

  • Cutting with a water jet

  • Blasting, both fine and structural

  • Prior to coating, the surface is treated.

  • Blasting of hot-dipped galvanized surfaces with a large section

Advantages of Stainless Steel Grit

  • Outstanding durability

  • Short blasting intervals

  • The appearance is bright.

  • Surfaces that are rust-free

  • Low waste disposal expenses

  • Blasting without dust

  • Can be used in both air-operated and airless shot blasting machine.

Steel Grit Manufacturers in India

We are one of the leaders in Steel Grit Manufacturers in India, which is extensively used across numerous industries. To clean the surfaces of steel castings, CI castings, S.G. Iron castings, and forgings, to name a few, blasting operations frequently use stainless steel grit. Additionally, these are primarily employed in shot-peening operations with a shot blasting machine to eliminate surface stresses as well as remove contaminants like rust, dust, scales, and other contaminants.

From 0.18 mm to 2.80 mm, our company offers a wide variety of angular and spherical steel shots, steel grit, and stainless steel grit price in India. We send these stainless steel grit in safe packaging to avoid physical damage during shipping. Stainless steel grit, as well as other metal and non-metal abrasive media like aluminum oxide, plastic media, silicon carbide, glass beads, copper slag, cut wire shot, abrasive garnet sand, quartz sand, walnut shell, tungsten carbide powder, etc., are all available from us in a variety of sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Stainless steel is ground into angular particles to create stainless steel grit, which is used as a blasting media in the airless and air-operated shot blasting machine. 
Is stainless steel grit magnetic?
What kind of stainless steel grit you're using will determine the answer. Some steel girt are not magnetic at all, while others are only weakly magnetic. Good examples of this include austenitic stainless steels like 304 and 316 stainless. On the other hand, ferromagnetism is present in ferritic stainless steels like 430 stainless steel.
What is stainless steel grit used for?
Hard metals are effectively etched by stainless steel grit to improve the adhesion of coatings such as paints, epoxy, enamel, and rubber. Rail car refurbishment, flashing removal, blasting of bridges, metal part applications, and forging industry applications are just a few of the uses.
How are steel grits made?
Steel grits are produced by crushing steel shots into angular particles that are then tempered to different hardnesses to suit various applications and screened by size in accordance with standard requirements.