What is Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot Blasting Machine is a technique that smooths a surface with the help of high-velocity steel abrasive material. The portable shot blasting machine method helps in getting the cleaning and preparation of the surfaces for the secondary finishing operations. The selection process of the type of shot blasting types of equipment and machines depends on the size and shape of the equipment. The surface to be cleaned, the required final surface finish specification, and the overall required process.

This is done for getting the surface uniform and to make it smoother for a better finish after paint or other applications. The process also works for cleaning rust, the roughness of the surface, and further fabrication. The shot blasting machine is used for cleaning the rough edges of different parts of an automobile or any other molding parts that have sharp surfaces and are uneven.

Methods Of Shot Blasting Machine

Wheel blasting: An airless operation, this technique uses a wheel with centrifugal force for propelling the abrasive against the surface. This happens as the wheel spins at a speed of 3600 RPM with a high velocity and high-efficiency blasting operation with quicker time cycles. Because of its high velocity this type of blasting technique uses metallic abrasive media like steel shots, stainless steel shot and grit, steel grit, or cut the wire that is available in different hardness levels. This technique works by converting the electric motor energy into kinetic energy through the process of continuous rotation of its wheels. Each wheel has a capacity that ranges from 60 kg per minute to 1200kg per minute. Wheel blasting is used in places that have big parts or large areas of the parts that need to be cleaned at a similar time.

Air-blasting: The air-blasting machines are built up in a way that they are helping to inject shots like those of glassful beads through a nozzle with the help of compressed air. The air blasting machines are mainly divided into types of:

  • Gravity Suction
  • Direct Pressure
  • Blower

The air blasting machine has a dust collector where the injected shots are recirculated through the suction of force and separation from foreign matter as they are re-circulated and injected again. This dry process is environment-friendly. Different from the regular blasting media being used, a media based on water mix can also be used for some special applications and this is referred to as wet blasting. air blasting can take the form of a shot blasting cabinet, here the abrasive media is accelerated with compressed air that is propelled through nozzles in the component.

Working Of Shot Blasting Machine

The machine's door is opened, and components are loaded onto the machine's endless rubber belt conveyor. The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components and ensures adequate component exposure. The abrasive falls at high velocity onto the tumbling components, cleaning them. After the blast cleaning cycle is completed, the blast wheel is turned off and the door is opened. The components are loaded onto the trolley by moving the conveyor belt backwards. Always inquire about the quality of the conveyor belt from the manufacturer of the Shot Blasting Machine to ensure long-lasting blasting capability.

The heavy duty welded shot / sand blasting cabinet is made of high-quality heavy-duty steel plate and is supported by a sturdy and rigid structural steel frame. In the cabinet's direct blast zone, 8 to 10 mm thick manganese steel extra large size hard liners are installed. The interior of the door and cabinet is lined with a 6 mm thick special grade rubber sheet. Because of abrasive ricocheting, this rubber sheet has a special property that retards abrasion. A horizontal door with a limit switch is provided for safety. The inside of the door is completely lined with rubber. A rubber seal is provided on the inside of the door to prevent abrasive from escaping from the cabinet.

There is an endless type perforated rubber conveyor available. This rubber conveyor's gentle tumbling action exposes the entire surface of the components to the blast stream. The conveyor belt is made of an abrasion-resistant grade of rubber with a thickness of 15 mm. This conveyor belt's tensioning arrangement is provided. The conveyor is powered by three rollers connected by a chain drive system located outside the cabinet. The spent abrasive falls through the conveyor perforation into the cabinet hopper, which is guided to the boot of the elevator for recirculation.

The blast wheel assembly unit's rotor fires abrasive down on the perforated belt. The spent abrasive from the perforated belt top falls into the cabinet's hopper. The abrasive from the hopper is transferred to the Bucket Elevator's boot, which transports the abrasive to the rotary screen separator/air dynamic separation system. Because the tensioning arrangement for the elevator belt is located at the top of the elevator, there is no belt spillage. The Rotary Screen Separator/Air Dynamic Separation System separates usable abrasive from unusable abrasive and debris on a continuous basis. The usable abrasives are placed in the storage hopper for recirculation. The storage hopper is equipped with an electronic abrasive level sensor. These sensors are linked to the abrasive replenishing hopper at the bucket elevator's base. The abrasives from the storage hopper are fed into the blast wheel unit via a feed funnel. The impeller's rotational movement constantly accelerates the incoming abrasive and pours it onto the rotor's blades. A pneumatic valve controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve regulates the flow of abrasive to the blast wheel unit. The blasting media is thrown onto the job at high velocity by the rotor.

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