Portable Shot Blasting Machine

A portable shot blasting machine or mobile shot blasting are part of the shot blasting machine that can be movable from one place to another easily. Shot blasting is the process of high velocity propelling a stream of shot blasting grit against a surface under very high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface and remove the loose particles from the metal surface. shot blasting grit used to be the most commonly used material, but since lung illness makes happens by extended inhalation of the very fine dust created by shot blasting grit, other materials are now used in their place. For avoiding such major diseases we can use safety wear such as air blaster helmets, air conditioners, air breathers, operators’ suits, hand gloves, gumboots, etc.

Working Of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

The machine's door is opened, and components are loaded onto the machine's endless rubber belt conveyor. The rubber conveyor belt tumbles the components and ensures adequate component exposure. The abrasive falls at high velocity onto the tumbling components, cleaning them. After the blast cleaning cycle is completed, the blast wheel is turned off and the door is opened. The components are loaded onto the trolley by moving the conveyor belt backwards. Always inquire about the quality of the conveyor belt from the manufacturer of the Shot Blasting Machine to ensure long-lasting blasting capability.

Portable Shot Blasting Equipment

Filling Valve Automatic 

A fully carbide-coated automatic mushroom valve (filling valve) is included with the machine for quick abrasive refilling and resistance to abrasion.

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

The long series convergent-divergent tungsten carbide nozzle guarantees high velocity, an evenly dispersed blast pattern, and increased blasting output. It also has lower wear, a longer lifespan, and stronger breakage resistance.

Shot / Sand Blasting Hose

The shot /sand blasting hose has a short bend radius, great flexibility, and is both electrically and mechanically antistatic for safe operation and a longer lifespan.

Abrasives Control Valve

To manage the abrasive media flow via the blast nozzle and to maintain the required air-to-abrasive ratio, the machine is equipped with a pinch valve with a hand wheel.

 Abrasive Sieving 

To prevent blast line choke, abrasive is sieved through a wire screen that is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator.

Automatic Exhaust Valve

When the machine's air supply is cut off, the automatic exhaust valve automatically opens, and vice versa.

Gauge For Pressure & Air Filter 

A pressure gauge and an online air filter are offered.

Ball Valve

To ensure complete airflow without pressure loss, the machine is equipped with a ball valve with stainless steel balls (an anticorrosive substance).

Remote Control Valve

It gives the operator at the blast nozzle total on/off control over the unit. When the operator shifts positions or uses shot blasting machine, less abrasive and air are used, and the operator and others nearby are kept even safer.


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