Shot Blasting Machine

A shot blasting machine uses mechanical acceleration to control the flow or stream of small metal beads as they are forcedly pushed against a surface.

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What is a Shot Blasting Room?

A shot blasting room is an enclosed space designed for the purpose of shot blasting, which is a process in which abrasive particles are propelled at high speeds toward a surface in order to clean, strengthen, or polish it. Shot blasting rooms are typically used for large-scale shot blasting operations, such as those found in manufacturing or construction.

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Difference Between Portable Shot Blasting Machine and Shot Blasting Cabinet

A portable shot blasting machine is a type of shot blasting equipment that is designed to be easily moved and set up in various locations as needed.

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HVOF coating for Landing Gear Legs

In the aerospace sector, HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) coating is frequently utilized to provide protective coatings to components like landing gear legs.

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Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine

A bunch of smallish elements & thin-wall castings, ceramics, delicate iron & aluminum alloy castings, & various job piece surface cleaning applications utilize belt type shot blasting machines. Carefully arranging multiple smallish jobpieces subsequently to severally other on a wire mesh belt can improve machine output.

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Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spray Coating

tungsten carbide thermal spray coating is a widely utilized coating material for a wide range of products in many different sectors. Equal amounts of carbon atoms and tungsten atoms make up tungsten carbide. With twice the density of steel, it is almost twice as strong nearly halfway between that of lead and gold. The (high-velocity oxy fuel) HVOF tungsten carbide coating forms an instant bond with the substrate upon application, offering exceptional wear resistance and bond strength. 

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