Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine

What is the Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine?

A bunch of smallish elements & thin-wall castings, ceramics, delicate iron & aluminum alloy castings, & various job piece surface cleaning applications utilize belt type shot blasting machine. Carefully arranging multiple smallish jobpieces subsequently to severally other on a wire mesh belt can improve machine output. Typical transportation speed ranges from 0.8 to 2.5 meters per minute. Even if the jobpieces are dragged from shot blasting region, burr, rust, dust, & oxide coatings will be released. Accompanied by the least amount of area required, wire mesh belt type shot blasting machine can essentially manage any project, regardless of item size & representation.

The equipment included an electrical command approach, abrasives recycling system, shots clean off method, dust releasing system, stainless wire mesh belt, blasting wheels, & out foraging roller conveyor. Belt type shot blasting machine is also known as the Tumble belt type shot blasting machine.

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Tumble Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tumble belt shot blasting machine is scheduled for bulk restorative of smallish to medium-sized components. Job pieces are appointed on a rubber or metal conveyor belt that tumbles them as they move via blasting chamber. Abrasive media is always propelled onto tumbling jobpieces, offering uniform & effective cleaning & surface preparation.

Air Operated Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine

Dry-type belt conveyor blasting machines of flat elements, for better-heightened exhibition rates, are engineered & supplied. Air operated belt type shot blasting machine performs either on direct pressure also suction-induction regulations of blasting. Elements are established on one side of belt conveyor, and this assumes a job inner side cabinet via side doorways. Blasting is achieved by returning blast nozzle exhibition inner side cabinet.

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Behind blasting, air impact guns are delivered to air wash blasting parts by releasing residual abrasive / dust. The operator has to absolutely empty assignment from belt conveyor on further side of cabinet. A multi tungsten carbide nozzle is even delivered relying on exhibition rate. Abrasive recycling is mechanical & dust epoch via the blasting technique accumulates inner side dust collector, thus possessing environment clean & friendly.

Airless Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine

The main element of an Airless Belt Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine is a blast cabinet certain contains been completed extensively & has attachment entrances installed at the inlet & outflow limitations. Rubber latching curtains are installed in phases at each entrance station to deter passing abrasive from existing pulled out. Number of blast wheel classes is positioned on top of shot blasting cabinet & fires abrasive material onto feature. Elements are front & unchanging shot-blasted. Activities that run at different speeds outside of compartments control belt conveyor system. For loading & offloading rounds, belt conveyor is augmented on and also sides of apparatus. Concluded blasting method abrasive falls into a screw conveyor & perishes via penetrated floor plates in cabinet hopper. Bucket elevator's boot receives abrasive after a certain. Bucket elevator takes up abrasive vertical & ends it in a screening hopper wherever dust Also sufficient abrasives are air-cleaned to assure a certain Tank hopper accumulates superior, flawless abrasive for circulate again goals. A dust collector effectively removes dust from cabinet.

Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine Working

Loading machine loads job pieces instantly into blast machine from containers, pallets, & so-called charging baskets. Job pieces slide via an open loading door & onto move along caterpillar impression.

After that, loader retrievals to its starting orientation. Loading door is impulsively closed & locked behind shot blasting process starts. When blasting term is over, door opens on its own. Newly blasted task components are immediately offloaded into customer-delivered receptacles & terminated successively by a variation-off conveyor.

Blasting abrasive media is constantly cleaned, recirculated, & recycled. An abrasive metering apparatus forages scrubbed abrasive media from abrasive tank bunker to elevated interpretation turbines.

A fan division assembles partisan vacuum required to keep dust free procedure of shot blasting machine unit. The released air is scrubbed in a unique filter division.

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Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine Applications

  • Aluminium die castings (automotive and motorcycle components, lighting, electrotools, etc.)
  • For Mechanical parts
  • For Oxyflame cut
  • For Gears and transmission
  • Belt type shot blasting machine is utilized to process medium to large die casting.
  • For pressure castings.
  • For forgings.
  • For heat-treated parts.
  • For automotive components.
  • For ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
  • For welded constructions, and fabrications. 
Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine in India

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