Fabric Bag Dust Collector

In the fabric bag dust collector, individual bags are supported by a metal cage inside the fabric bag which is fastened onto a cell plate at the top of the bag filter. Dirty gas enters from the bottom of the bag filter and flows from outside to inside the bags. The metal cage prevents the collapse of the bag filter.

Motorized Shaking Dust Collector

The Motorized Shaking Dust Collector is useful for filter bag auto-cleaning and bigger dust particles. They are a practical and affordable replacement for standalone procedures.

Pleated Filter Dust Collector

A Pleated Filter Dust Collector is mainly used for collecting dust particles and other larger particles that are left as a residue after some industrial work has been carried out such as processing of wooden material, Sandblasting Machine, thermos spraying, welding etc.

Welding Fume Dust Collector

Machine Operators who operate in welding environments come into everyday contact with hazardous weld fume particulate. It is crucial to have dependable, high-performance welding fume dust collectors, weld fume extraction, and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it enters your welder's breathing zone because the majority of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs).

Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector Systems are a crucial component of pneumatic conveying systems because, in a typical pneumatic conveying system, the conveying air is separated in the filter separator and the filters are cleaned by a jet of compressed air that is directed in the opposite direction.

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