Shot blasting process – Throwing the shotblast media  at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled way. It removing the contaminates on the surface with the help of the abrasive impact. The process of shotblasting is on its peak. It use compressed air for propelling the shot blast media. This method remains to clean of metal frames.

The shot blast production lines (both manual and automated systems), only became possible after the introduction of the centrifugal wheel blast machines. The system of shot blasting with the centrifugal wheel has proven to be more productive than by compressed air and achieves a better and more uniform finishing of the surface.

Working behind Powder Flame Spray Gun

The Powder Flame Spray Gun process works a comparable technique as the Flame Wire Spray method, but that the wire flame spray gun feedstock is replaced by a powder. The main benefit of this method is that a much wider variety of materials (such as nickel or cobalt-based self Fixing composites or ceramic substances) can be easily treated into powder form providing a greater choice of coatings. Many compounds are difficult or cannot be presented in a wire form and for this purpose, it was produced.

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Types of Flame Spray Gun

Flame spraying uses flame spray gun for coating. A thermal spray process variation in which the controlled explosion of a mixture of fuel gas, oxygen, and the powdered coating material is utilized to melt and propel the material to the workpiece. It includes low-velocity thermal spray powder, red, and wire flame processes and high-velocity processes.

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Types of Thermal Spray Gun

A thermal spray gun is a spraying gun in which the molten liquid of abrasive is sprayed on the subject. This lays down a coating onto the surface of the subject. As the name suggests Thermal spray gun means a substance thermally sprayed on the subject.

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Fundamentals of Twin Arc Spray Gun

Twin Wire Arc Spray Gun is a gun in which two wires anode and cathode respectively fed into the gun. When two wires touched it creates a spark and causes heating of those wires. Through which molten metal is poured onto the subject. The Twin Wire Arc gun process is a common commercial thermal spray process. It uses abrasive as a wire only other abrasive can't be used in Arc Spray Gun.

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What are Blasting Cabinet and its types?

Blast Cabinet contains dust and abrasives. A machine is mounted for dust collecting which reduces air pressure inside the machine therefore which prevents dust from escaping into the environment. Shot blasting cabinet are built from very low carbon steel with an inner surface made of abrasive resistant materials including high strength alloy plates and rubber compounds. In the areas that are subject to direct high-velocity shot, alloy steel plates are used which have much more abrasive media resistance than others.

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Mini Sand blasting Cabinet

Mini Sand blasting Cabinet is a cabinet consisting of many components use for sandblasting the substrate surface. Sand blasting is a process in which blasting abrasives is sand. it is a cabinet having all in one feature. We use this Mini Sand blasting Cabinet only for abrasives like 30/60 Mesh, Steel grit, Aluminum grit, Copper Slag, etc. Cabinet eliminates the requirement of safety equipment because the cabinet protects the operator from the microparticles of abrasive. There is no difference between the cabinet like Mini Grit Blasting Cabinet, Mini Sand Blasting Cabinet, Shot Blasting Cabinet.

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