What are Blasting Cabinet and its types?

Abrasive Blasting Cabinet contains dust and abrasives. A machine is mounted for dust collecting which reduces air pressure inside the machine therefore which prevents dust from escaping into the environment. Shot blasting machine are built from very low carbon steel with an inner surface made of abrasive resistant materials including high strength alloy plates and rubber compounds. In the areas that are subject to direct high-velocity shots, alloy steel plates are used which have much more abrasive media resistance than others.

Types Of Abrasive Blasting Cabinet 

  • Suction Blasting Cabinet
  • Pressure Blasting Cabinet
  • Wet Blasting Cabinet

Suction Blasting Cabinet

Suction Blasting Cabinet is based on the Injection Suction system of blasting. The suction blasting machine secures non-stop work and no break in the blasting cycle. It is utilized for light and medium-size components or particles where the surface is to be cleaned to give a fine matte finish. It is easily recognized by having two hoses (one for air and one for abrasive media running to the blasting gun. When we are operating with a suction-blast gun, it is easy to recognize, because it has two hoses attached to it, one giving compressed air & one vacuum pipe (Grit blasting hose) is bringing media into the gun.

Pressure Blasting Cabinet

Pressure Blasting Cabinet functions on the direct pressure principle of blasting. For the high efficiency of dust particle collection, a tubular fabric bag for collecting dust collector, with a generous filter area is attached with the blaster cabinet as a standard feature. A manual shaker is provided for shaking. A high-Pressure blast cabinet is recommended for fast cleaning, removal of corrosion, and heavy rust using coarse grits. All types of coarse and medium-sized grits can be used depending on the application.

Wet Blasting Cabinet

 The wet blasting cabinet is typically used for surface improvement. This works on the reusable abrasive media process, which reduces money and time. The exhaust blower filter maintains a negative cabinet pressure that prevents the cabinet mist from escaping during the blasting process. During the process, freshwater is rinsed out on the window after fix interval of time which provides continuous operator visibility through the operator view window.

Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Price

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