Internal Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

An Internal Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine is used for the surface preparation methods in which steel shots are used as abrasive media. A shot blasting machine is also called Airless Shot Blasting Machine.

In Shot Blasting Machine steel abrasive shots are forcefully thrown with the help of jet nozzle using compressed air pressure through a wheel type machine. Shot Blasting Machine has an effective way and with the help of this machine, we can clean hardwood, metal. Brickwork, stone.

For internal pipe cleaning shot blasting machine method is best and appropriate.

Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment Working

In Internal Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine blast wheel work as heart of the system. The wheel contains mainly

  •  Internal impeller
  •  Blast wheel
  • Control cage
  • Blade design which slings the shots

The wheel is protected with a casing that contains wear-resistant liners and the impeller will work like a centrifugal pump and with the help of that pump shots are mechanically accelerated and thrown at a high speed. The blades will provide a definite or a constant blasting pattern so that we can obtain the desired result.

The whole process is vibration-free and less noisy. Airless Shot Blasting Machines are used where big parts de-rusted, deburred, or cleaning operations are required for the larger areas. The direction of steel shots is controlled by way of the rotational speed of throwing blades.

Features and Benefits of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Rust, paint, grease, and scales are removed from the metal component.
  • Matte finish can be done by Shot Blasting Machine.
  • Electroplating, painting, powder coating or rubber lining quality can be improved with the help of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Skid proofing can be generated in the case of marble and granite.

Applications of Internal Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

  • In casting & CI
  • Reconditioning of valve
  • In the casting of nonferrous material
  • Heat treatment of components
  • Fabricated components like MS&SS

Application Areas:

  • In Automobile
  • Chemicals industries
  • Construction sites
  • Offshore
  • Pipe industries

Types of Airless Internal Pipe Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine

  • Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
  • Diabola Type Shot Blasting Machine

Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

In the conveyor Shot Blasting Machine a conveyor run continues. Cabinets are there in which blasting operation is done with the help of blasting wheels. This machine is used to provide an aesthetic look and to remove the roughness on the pavers.

Working of Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

when the machine gets started job reaches the cabinet after that balls are shots from the wheel and then blasting is done and after the blasting, the job will arrive on another side of the cabinet with the help of conveyors.

The size of the product depends upon the conveyor belt width,

Mainly they have two common types such as

  •  PV-300
  •  PV-600

Diabola Type Shot Blasting Machine

In this type of shot blasting machines, they have a machine tunnel through which operations are done. The workpiece continuously rotates on the machine axis after that it passes through the tunnel. After that job enters inside the tunnel and blasting is completed and in the tunnel due to the rotation of the workpiece blasting is done on all the edges. 

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