Portable Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers

Ambica Enterprises is a Portable Shot Blasting Machine manufacturers in India at a low price for sale. The portable shot blasting machine basically a finishing machine has been strongly appropriated on glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, and stone. The portable shot blaster machine is a safe, high-productivity system designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. Portable shot blast machine functions include descaling, peening, Deburring, Deflashing, polishing, cleaning, and stress relieving.

The pressure vessels are tested to 250 psi and coded. Ambica Enterprises is the best shot blasting machine manufacturers and Suppliers of portable shot blasting machines, automatic shot blasting machines, airless shot blasting machines, air-operated shot blasting machines in India at low prices for sale. A shot blasting machine is an enclosed piece of abrasive blasting equipment used to clean and prepare metal, stone, and other surfaces. It is a shot peening machine used for cleaning metal parts such as forgings, castings, steel surfaces, heavy metal structures, rusted metal parts, and so on.

Shot blasting machines have an enclosed chamber for shot and grit blasting and a bare wheel that continuously rotates at high speeds, blasting media such as steel shots, steel grit, or cut wire shots on metal parts for surface finishing. Each bare wheel has a capacity ranging from 60 kg per minute to 1200 kg/min. A portable dust collector is also included in shot blasting machines to prevent tiny particles, contaminants, and dust particles, among other things, from escaping into the environment. A dust collector connected to a Shot Blasting Machine prevents abrasive waste while also protecting the environment.

Portable Shot Blasting Machine

Portable Shot Blasting Machine further is identified as shot / sand blasting hopper are the machines which are moveable i.e. can be transferred from one place to differ depending upon its usage. Our manufactured portable shot blasting machine prevents any large particles or hazardous particles from entering the ambient air and this technology will collect all dust particles and keep abrasives out of the natural air.

Shot blasting is a process that uses a high-speed stream of shots to clean, strengthen, or polish metal and other surfaces. Grit blasting and Abrasive blasting are the two most common types of shot blasting. It also includes two types of technology used in shot blasting machines, which are known as wheel blasting and air blasting. Shot blasting machines are used in almost every metal-using industry, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, and many others.

Types of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

Benefits of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

  • Helps to detect surface defects
  • Blast pattern accuracy is high
  • Boosts the endurance of future coatings
  • It has a good lifespan

Components of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

  • Air Filter- Prevents contaminants such as dampness from entering the air compressor.
  • The mushroom ball is used to create pressure within the hopper.
  • Net Realizable Valve (NRV): This valve controls the amount of air supplied while also preventing air from returning.
  • Remote Control- A remote control is used to turn on and off the air supply.
  • A pinch valve is a two-way valve used to control or shut off the flow of abrasives.
  • The air and abrasive are mixed together in the mixing tube.
  • Blasting Holes- These are the holes that connect the hose pipe.

Portable Shot Blasting Machine in India

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Portable shot blasting machine in India with the best quality. Portable shot blasting machine price depends on type and size of abrasive tank of portable shot blasting machine. Ambica Enterprises is the leading manufacturers of sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine, grit blasting machine, shot blasting cabinet, pressure blasting cabinet, shot blasting room, thermal spray gun, arc spray gun, abrasive media in India.


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