Shot Blasting Machine in faridabad

Shot blasting machine in Faridabad is used to reduce unwanted corrosion and metallic rust on the exterior surface of polished assets. The shot blasting process is made for getting the exterior surface trappings and to make exterior covering longer constant and reliable for a more comforting termination after paint or other utilization. The shot blasting machine equipment process also works for cleaning rust, the harshness of the exterior covering, and further fabrication. The shot blasting machine equipment is employed for polishing the rough surface of disparate parts of an automobile or any other embellishment parts that have distinctive exterior surfaces and are jagged.

The abrasive tank Capacity of the shot blasting machine in Faridabad, India when metallic abrasive media such as steel shot, steel grit, cut wire shot, glass beads, and many others, are used is 150 kg. But for sand abrasive media including garnet sand, quartz sand, brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, and many others, the capacity of the shot blaster is 65 kg. The volume of shot blasting machine value is 42 ltr. The standard shot blasting hose length is 5 Mtr but can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user. Shot blasting Nozzle Opening is 5-6 mm.

If we talk about the dimension of the shot blasting machine then it is according to the size of the Shot Blasting machine that the user wants as mentioned below(standard dimensions :

  • Height of shot blasting machine in Jodhpur-1111 mm
  • The diameter of the shot blasting machine in India- 361 mm
  • Weight of shot blasting machine in Faridabad - 95 Kgs
  • Air Filter & Pressure Gauge fitted in shot blaster is one in quantity.
  • Automatic Exhaust Valve fitted in shot blasting machine for sale is one in quantity.
  • Abrasive Control through Pinch Valve fitted at the bottom of shot blasting machine manufacturer is one in quantity.
  • Approx. Cleaning Rate of shot blasting machine in India [Only for refer] =4-7 Sq Mtr/Hr Compressed air required at 80 psi.
  • in shot blasting equipment is 60 CFM. Recommended Abrasive Size used in shot blaster is 25 to 80 Mesh.

Types of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Tumblast Shot Blasting machine- In the tumblast shot blasting machine price, elements are arranged in the quantities on the conveyor belt of the Shot blasting machine in Faridabad, India.
  • Swing table Shot blasting machine- The Swing table Shot blasting machine for sale is beneficial where the components are unless vexatious or only Top serving of the component is to be shot trumpeted through the shot blasting machine in India.
  • Hanger type shot blasting machine- In the Hanger type Shot blasting machine in India, the components are dangled on rotary holders & rotated consequently.
  • Vacuum shot blasting machine- Vacuum shot blasting machine procedure can be employed on precarious blasting responsibilities where blasting on low pressures is a requirement.
  • Plate cleaning shot blasting machine- In Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine equipment in Faridabad the job enrolls the shot blasting cabinet for cleansing from abrasive media also recognized as media fired by multi wheels for furnishing homogenous terminating.
  • Portable shot blasting machine- A Portable Shot Blasting Machine manufacturer can be described as one of the active processes with which an exterior surface can be molded, cleaned, and press down, and all extraneous material is reduced.

Shot Blasting Machine Price

Shot blasting machine price depends on the Size of abrasive tanks & model of shot blasting machine in Faridabad, India. The shot blasting machine price also depends on the cleaning rate of the shot blasting machine manufacturer through shot blasting machine equipment. We are the most immeasurable shot blasting machine manufacturers in India. Ambica Enterprises offers a full line of communications employed in shot blasting machines and abrasive blasting machine applications. All of our shot is obtainable in a wide assortment of sizes and stuff so that you can be assured that the mechanisms you select will meet your exact finishing or blasting specifications. Shot blasting machine price is economical as correspond to others, Our bleats generation of shot blasting equipment reduces shot blasting machine price. Ambica Enterprises presents all types of portable shot blasting machine manufacturers all over the world with the best feature.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Ambica Enterprises is the Best shot blasting machine manufacturer in Faridabad, India. We also supply shot blasting equipment, portable shot blasting machine, grit blasting machine, sand blasting cabinet, sandblasting nozzles, blast rooms, Portable Shot blasting machines in Jodhpur, Faridabad, and other states including Jaipur, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, and many others at an economical price for sale. Thermal Spray gun, metalizing gun, wire flame spray gun, zinc spray gun, arc spray gun, and some abrasive media like quartz sand, aluminum oxide, copper slag, abrasive garnet sand, and many others are supplied and manufacture by shot blasting Machine in cities including Faridabad, Gurgaon, Jodhpur, Pune, Gujarat, Delhi in all over India and countries including foreign countries Oman, Kuwait, Dubai, etc. at a low price with the best quality for sale. 


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