Shot blasting process – Throwing the shotblast media  at a high speed of 65 to 110 m/second in a highly controlled way. It removing the contaminates on the surface with the help of the abrasive impact. The process of shotblasting is on its peak. It use compressed air for propelling the shot blast media. This method remains to clean of metal frames.

The shot blast production lines (both manual and automated systems), only became possible after the introduction of the centrifugal wheel blast machines. The system of shot blasting with the centrifugal wheel has proven to be more productive than by compressed air and achieves a better and more uniform finishing of the surface.

What is Portable Sand blasting Machine and its types?

The Portable Sand blasting Machine used to soften rough surfaces, this machine removes rust or corrosion from metal surfaces, gives a surface clean or shaped using abrasive media material known as media. There are many different types of sand blasting machines such as Portable Sand blaster, Automatic Sand Blaster, Blasting Cabinet, Tumblers, and many more.

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What is the difference between Portable Sand Blasting Machine and Vaccum Sand Blasting Machine?

A Portable Sand Blasting Machine used to soften rough surfaces, this machine removes rust from metal surfaces, gives a surface clean or shaped using abrasive material known as media. There are many different categories of Sand Blasting machines such as Portable Sandblaster, Automatic Sand Blaster, Blast Cabinet, Tumblers and many more. A Portable Sandblaster is often using by small and mid-sized companies such as Paint Shops, Auto Repair industry, Powder Coating Industry and many more.

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Zinc Spray Booth

Zinc Spray Booth for LPG Cylinders are manufactured, supply and exporter by our company. Recently Shot blaster has manufactured a whole automatic zinc spray booth (aluminum spray booth) for one of the largest cylinder manufacturers in India, this system needs individual arbitration only for both types of cylinders and for the supervision of the method. The repeated condition can be verified with quantitative production. Cylinders to be connected vertically on an overhead conveyor which primarily goes to blasting cabinet and then to thermal spray coating booth. The Cylinder is placed manually on a twin roller conveyor which moves forward in the longitudinal direction as well as rotates inside the dry spray booth. The twin roller conveyor is driven by an electric motor.

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Shot Blasting machines and Its equipment

The system that no metal industry owner can function without is shot Blasting. It is used in almost every industry that utilizes metal such as the aerospace industry, construction industry, automotive industry, foundry industry, rail industry, shipbuilding & many more. Shot Blasting Machine is utilized to clean, induce strength also known as shot peening / polishing the metal surfaces. The process of blasting has become an indispensable aspect of the metal building & the steel structure industry. This blasting system gives some major benefits for the protection & maintenance of steel & metal products. Before you get a look at the functioning of a shot blasting machine let us take a look at some of the advantages that make this procedure such an important part of the blasting industry.

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Sand blasting Machine’s Equipment and How does it work?

For effective functionality sand blasting, it has become compulsory to know about the sand blasting machine’s equipment and its operation processes. Sand blasting Machine is also called abrasive blasting Machine. Sand blasting process is the procedure of forcibly launching a stream of abrasive material such as sand, grit, shot, etc against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface and shape a surface, or eliminate the surface contaminants. There are different variants of its process, such as sand blasting, Portable shot blasting and grit blasting, Abrasive blasting, etc.

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Grit Blasting Machine

We provide various features to grit blasting machines which are required for machines. Our team consistently giving the best design to the machine. Testing all parameters like Durability, Hopper capacity, Blasting productivity (m2/hr), Cleaning rate, Efficiency of machine following machine are regularly tested by our engineering team.

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