Grit Blasting Cabinet in India

Grit Blasting Cabinet provides a closed environment for blasting operations. Leading in less pollution spread in to air the minute particle of dust & abrasive led to harmful disease. Ambica techno is a Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Grit blasting cabinet in india

Grit Blasting Cabinet Specification

Brand Ambica Techno Blaster
Inner Surface Rubber sheet
Hopper Capacity 50-100 kg
Assembled with Dust Collector
Outer Surface Painted

Working of Grit Blasting Cabinet

It works on the principle of the induction-suction principle of abrasive delivery. Blast Cabinet is recommended for light and medium-sized components where the surface is to be cleaned. It is the simplest and most effective way to remove corrosion and old paint. Grit Blasting Cabinets price is useful for heat treatment shops, tools, dye and mold makers, and shot peening of light metal components, etc.

Which type of abrasive used for grit blasting?

As we have many abrasives to use for blasting the surface of the substrate. On the basis of physical properties, shape, density, volume, size, surface behavior, Sieve analysis & Chemical analysis of abrasive. We have different types of abrasives like Chilled iron grit, Balls, Shots, Grits, Plastic abrasive, Steel grit, Glass Beads, Quartz Sand, and Silicon Carbide & Aluminum Silicate.

Grit Blasting Cabinet Manufacturer in India

Grit blast Cabinet is using for cleaning of medium and small-sized jobs as mild steel, stainless steel, glass, handicrafts, wood, casting, and mold. Grit blasting machine can also be used to change the condition of a component’s surface, as removing scratches or casting, molds marks. Grit blast Cabinet is using for Etching and Engraving of glass and granites. Ambica Techno Blaster is a Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter of Various types of blasting cabinets include Pressure Blasting Cabinet, Suction Blasting Cabinet, Wet Blasting Cabinet & Shot Blasting machine, shot blasting cabinets, sand blasting machine & thermal spray guns.


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