Portable Grit Blasting Machine

A Portable Grit Blasting Machine is a machine that cleans or prepares surfaces for painting by using abrasive materials and air pressure. Grit blasting machine can also be used to destroy sand and to remove contaminated substances from metal products.

Grit blasting is a technique that uses the impact of hard particles to create surface textures. High-velocity particles collide with a metal surface, causing localized plastic deformation. The shape, size, hardness, and velocity of the shot particles using high-speed particles influence the resulting texture.

Applications Of Portable Grit Blasting Machine

Portable grit blasting machines industrial applications

  • Smaller Industry : These industries use portable machines for blasting smaller jobs with lower containments.
  • Automobile industry : It uses machines for cleaning the pipes, nuts, & bolts.
  • Stone industry : Portable machine used for engraving of marbles.

Specifications Of Portable Grit Blasting Machine 

Models P7 150, P7 300, P7 300R, P7 500, P7 500R, P7 1000, P7 1000R
Machine Type Portable, Cabinet
Grade  Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Cleaning rate 5-21sqr. mtr/ hr
Voltage (V) 220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power (HP) 10 HP
Compressed air (80 psi)  45 Cfm to 217 Cfm
Abrasive Size 16-80 Mesh
Material  Stainless Steel
Sand Blasting Nozzle (mm) 5-10 MM

Why Should We Use Portable Grit Blasting Machine

Achieving the economic, efficiency, and productivity benefits from abrasive blasting require the proper selection and matching of the abrasive, nozzle, air pressure, and abrasive/air mixing ratio. The shot / sand blasting nozzle is a critical point of mechanical control in a blasting system, determining whether the abrasive media are properly utilized, whether optimum blasting patterns are attained and whether the compressed air is used efficiently.

Portable Grit Blasting Machine Price

Portable grit blasting machines price relies on certain factors like Material used for casting the parts, grit blasting hopper capacity for abrasive filling, hose pipe. The method provides the proper surface roughness and increases the surface area, two critical factors in achieving physical and chemical adhesion between a steel surface and an organic coating. Adhesion, in fact, is the key to coating effectiveness, determining whether the thermal spray coating is merely a thin sheet of material lying on the substrate or whether it becomes an actual part of the substrate.

Portable Grit Blasting Machine Supplier in India

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