Safety Equipment for Grit Blasting

Safety equipment for blasting enclosed many types of equipment related to Health, Control, and Safety Hazards. There are many different hazardous situations and conditions created by blast cleaning operations. However, numerous hazards can be greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether by applying mown operating and maintenance techniques and engineering controls.

What is safety equipment being used in grit blasting?

Safety Equipment that is used in grit blasting for safety purposes is as follows:-

  • Resisportory helmet with air conditioner.
  • Climate control device.
  • Air-fed blasting hood.
  • Blasting Wear.
  • Hand Gloves.
  • Shoes.

Why is the safety equipment necessary for blasting?

Safety equipment is necessary for blasting because of the chemical behavior of abrasive media. And when abrasive propulsion strike to workpiece it get penetrate from the workpiece. Hence dust particles are anticipated into the environment causing diseases like breathing problems, lung disease, hearing impairment.

How to use safety equipment?

  • The purified air from the air breather is inserted into the air conditioner, where it is conditioned and is again inserted into the helmet by using a grit blasting hose in grit blasting safety equipment
  • The air compressor shape is made “vortex” where the air is whirled (rotated) and is divided into hot air and cool air.
  • It is being provided with a belt and is generally worn on the operator’s waist and is fully adjustable.
  • It has an adjustable knob also which regulates the temperature of the air in the helmet.
  • Whatever may be the working conditions of the sandblasting, it gives a healthy environment.
  • Helmet air conditioners are self-driven and need no auxiliary, extra unit, or system.
  • It is also lightweight in nature and no maintenance is required.
  • By using our product, the operator will never get discomfort and thus save from fatigue and dehydration problems also.

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