Types of Grit Blast Machine

Grit blasting is a technique that uses the impact of hard particles to create surface textures. High-velocity particles collide with a metal surface, causing localized plastic deformation. The shape, size, hardness, and velocity of the shot particles using high-speed particles influence the resulting texture.

Grit Blasting Machine

A grit blasting machine is a machine that is used to remove a surface's rough surface. It's also referred to as a grinder, sandblaster, or belt sander. It's a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks including cleaning, refinishing, and stripping. It is a quick and efficient way to remove the roughest of surfaces, and it is an excellent way to expedite the completion of a task.

There are five types of grit blasting machine on the basis of size & blast workpiece area. These portable grit blasting machine help to blast the surface of a workpiece according to the there size.

Portable Grit Blasting Machine

This type of portable grit blasting machine, is portably moveable from one place to another for blasting. On the downside, it has a roller for moving it straight wards on the track of blasting. In this, there are variants according to the Grit Blast Hopper capacity. Hopper contains abrasive media ranging from 70-110kg.

Micro Grit Blasting Machine

Micro grit blasting machine is a widely used cabinet for small components like nuts, bolts, components of Defense & military Equipment. These types of Micro Grit Blast Machines are widely used for grit blasting the substrate surface. Micro grit blasting machine carried out Grit blasting in different ways by this class of cabinet.

Mini Grit Blasting Machine

This mini grit blasting machine is used for Mini components of military equipment like tank pipe, rotor & other equipment. Mini grit blasting machine requires less space as a comparison to the large grit blasting machine. Mini grit blasting machine is mostly used in navy to grit blast the components of Ships, Submarine inside the water.

Small Grit Blasting Machine

Small grit Blasting machine is a cabinet for medium-sized cabinet in which substrate like parts of a fighter plane, Tanks, defense vehicles & military equipment. This cabinet is in a rectangular shape that allows a long heightened workpiece for a grit blasting machine. The small grit blast machine is a very popular demand for applications in the military field.

Large Grit Blasting Machine

In the Large Grit Blast Machine, there is a big cabinet according to the workpiece for grit blaster. The size of the grit blasting cabinet is large enough to have blasting on the big surfaces of a substrate. Having abrasive blasting gun to for Grit blast with dust collector & Reclaimer for collecting the dust & to reclaim the abrasives from the collector. Grit blasting hopper is also big due to blasting machine size abrasives quantity one poured into a hopper. Large viewing angle for Large Grit Blast Machine for grit blast the workpiece.


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