Blasting Booth

Abrasive blasting room, also known as blasting booth, are large chambers used to store abrasive blast pots, collect abrasive leftovers, and recycle blast abrasive. A sand / shot blasting room is made up of an enclosure that keeps fine abrasive material from entering the outside air and a reclaim system for your abrasive material.

After recovering the leftover abrasive, it is transferred to a recovery system that separates dust from the leftovers so that the high-quality abrasives can be reused. You can save money by efficiently recovering and reusing abrasive media that is still usable by using an abrasive blast room.

Working Of Abrasive Blast Room

Abrasive blasting can be done manually with specialized abrasive blasting hoses and shot / sand blasting nozzle for each project type. There are also mechanical abrasive blasting rigs that operate automatically on tracks. Unfinished products can be stripped of paint, mold, and rust using abrasive blasting to create a smooth and even surface ready for finishing. As abrasive blasting is done, abrasive and fine dust particles fall to the floor.

After the blasting is finished, the abrasive material left on the floor is collected by a recovery system. There are several recovery systems available, some of which use sweepers, moving walls, air jets, or even moving floors to collect all material and transport it to a recycling system. When the mixture reaches the recycling system, fine particles and dust are removed, leaving the remaining high-quality abrasive material clean and ready to be re-used in the blasting pot.

Industrial Blast Booth

Recovery System is two types- vacuum, In vacuum recovery system compressed air is used for transfer grit and In automatic recovery system during grit, sandblasting abrasive fall down in portative and transfers in bucket elevator, bucket elevator separate usable shot and non usable by media separator, Usable shots fall down in sand blasting hopper and this process will continue. During shot blasting operation operators wear safety wear which protects from high-velocity abrasives.

Portable Blast Booth

Air blower enter the required air as per the required dust collection system. The door of the portable Blast booth can be sliding and hinged type, we can supply machines to customer needs and space available at customers’ workshop. Dust collector of blast room chamber has many types, most popular is cyclone dust collector, reverse pulse jet pleated filter, motorized shaking type. We supply these types of dust collectors as per customer need and specification of components.

Blasting Booth System Includes Following Features:

  • Abrasive Blasting Machine.
  • Abrasive Recovery & Re-cycling System.
  • Dust Collector
  • Job Handling System.
  • Wall Protection Rubber Lining.
  • Illumination.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Operator Safety Wears.

Ambica Enterprises is a manufacturer and supplier of entire shot blasting systems which include blast rooms, grit recovery equipment, dust extraction systems, screw conveyor systems, bucket elevator systems, and shot blasting machines with installations worldwide. We have installed our blasting booth equipment in India, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Saudi Arabia, Africa, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, etc. All our sand blasting machine equipment is from reputed Clemco Germany which guarantees quality and reliability.


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